School Bans Fasting Pupils

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mushroom25 | 19:13 Thu 11th Jun 2015 | News
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sorry only daily mail covering this at present:-

the article includes a facsimile of the letter sent to parents on this matter, and it seems to have been handled sensitively.

nevertheless, is it any business of the school how its community chooses to express their faith?


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Can you post the sentence before and after that one? I can't see it.
//Barclay Primary School and all Schools within the Lion Academy Trust does not allow any children attending the schools to fast.//

In the letter issued.
Yes, that means they have banned fasting and not banned the children.
So if children attending the school are not allowed to fast , presumably they are sent home to do so?

I personally as I said earlier think the number of primary pupils affected by this will be very small indeed.
I will copy and paste it again with the preceding line.This is from the Mail report not the letter.//Barclay Primary School in Leyton, east London, issued the letter yesterday
It said it would not allow pupils fasting to attend school during Ramadan//

Muslims aren't required to fast until they reach puberty so I expect you're right, Mamya. Very few families will be affected by this and hopefully they will comply with the school.
As you can see, danny, the Mail is claiming to quote from the letter but that is clearly not the case.
The Mail has misquoted and the letter says no such thing.
I certainly hope so HC , the well being and health and education of the children is paramount.

Religious rites are fine when older and stronger and better equipped to cope and indeed choose.
As I said earlier if Muslims adopted the hours of fasting in Mecca there would be less of a problem.
In Sweden the Muslims are trying to find a way to set the hours of fasting as there will be days of 24 hour daylight during Ramadan this year.
dannyk - along with Ric.ror, I worked for many years in Bradford and I assure you that fasting did produce many, many problems. Children did faint and display other physical effects. They were harming themselves and also disrupting the education of others.

P.E. was particularly severely affected - as I mentioned there was a refusal (thereby breaking school rules) to participate in swimming-lessons. This caused major disruption, especially if Ramadan fell at this time of year when the halls/indoor gym facilities were out of use because of exams. Effectively, they were unable to follow the curriculum, which teachers were legally bound to deliver, and it is all unnecessary. I found that the number of fasting pupils increased year by year as pressures within the community became more intense.
The Australian Muslims have it much easier this year, with sunrise at 7am and sunset at 5pm. Is Ramadan is a moveable occasion it will eventually be that time in the UK, for a year at least.
Children left to their own devices would not choose to starve themselves.
Surely this is a form of abuse?
I have just checked with a Muslim neighbour regarding ages at which children are obliged to fast and it is 15 for a boy and 9 for a girl so it will not affect many pupils at a primary school.
I wonder why 9 for a girl!!!! Or can I take a guess...?
Apparently girls reach puberty earlier than boys.
Why would it be 15 for a boy but 9 for a girl?
Apparently girls reach puberty earlier than boys.

Some girls reach puberty earlier than some girls
Sorry crossed posts
The age children should start fasting is disputed and discussed amongst Muslim Imams and scholars and it is not universally agreed.

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School Bans Fasting Pupils

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