Really? Just Unbelievable! Another Dodgy Vote.

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joggerjayne | 17:12 Thu 11th Jun 2015 | News
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Britain's national bird ... the Robin?

No Gulls in the Top 10?

I think a recount is needed. National bird? How often do you ever see a Robin?

And I'm sorry, the "Mute Swan" (is that a real bird) comes in ahead of the seagull?

Who organised this vote? FIFA??


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when you say "Seagull" do you mean Herring gull there is not actually a breed called a Seagull
17:40 Thu 11th Jun 2015
Maybe only you voted Gull - was it on the short list, I don't recall seeing it? ;-)
>>>How often do you ever see a Robin?

Er, almost every time I go for walk actually!

(Alternative answer: When did you last buy any Christmas cards, JJ?)
I see Robins often and as a Postman's daughter I hold them dear for various reasons.

Proper little characters - they got my vote.
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Mamya ... If it was organised by "The Urban Birder" as that link suggests, it's little wonder that there was a blatant bias against coastal birds.

I never see Robins when I'm out, Chris. That may be because the seagulls keep them away, obviously.

Of course they appear on Christmas cards. But if that's a criteria, our national bird might as well be the Turkey.
if you have the right sort of garden you should see them all the time
I have at least 3 nests around the garden and they are always on the bird tables throughout the year
Britain's national bird? My vote would go to Kelly Brook
Your apparent choice of the seagull as our national bird wouldn't have anything to do with which football team which you support, would it, JJ?
I sea lots of different birds every day living by water including Black Headed Gulls, I simply voted for my personal favourite from the short list.
Robin is the one bird I always know I'll see in my garden.
Nobody likes gulls anyway, they squawk a lot and will nick your ice-cream right before your nose.
I see several robins every day
It'll be them migratory birds voting twice.
Couldn't disagree more JJ ! I see a robin every day in my back garden. He come on to my window sill and looks in my kitchen ! Robins have a beautiful song as well. Mind you, if I were to have to choose between robins and blackbirds, they would have to be joint winners !

Here is the Mute Swan by the way :::
I have visiting goldfinches and they are really sweet

your feathers appear to be ruffled, jayne
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Well, the seagull should've been second, at least.

I suspect the voters were just showing off by casting votes for really obscure birds.
I wouldn't vote for anyone or any creature that would try to rob me of my fish and chips.
I often see robins in the garden .I see lots of gulls too being on the coast .I do like to watch them wheeling about but I didn't vote for them especially as they often poop on my washing :)
I voted for the robin.
whenever i see seagulls, they are trashing my rubbish bags and scattering the contents or pooing on my car.
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Stealing fish and chips is just Nature in action.

The Harrier and the Owl kill small furry animals. That's just their natural diet. The seagull's natural diet is fish and chips. And sometimes doughnuts.

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Really? Just Unbelievable! Another Dodgy Vote.

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