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brionon | 09:40 Sun 03rd May 2015 | News
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Will the Son have the guts to name the girl Diana ?


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I just don't like it, there's nothing to read into it. are still not making yourself clear I'm afraid..."read into it ?"

What does that mean ?
Charlotte ----(one of their names like Louise or Alice), Elizabeth, Diane (or Diana) is my betting
Surely the only suitable name is .......

I think that rocky just means that she doesn't like the name Diana, mikey. Nothing more than that.
I bet Dodi or Amatullah (fem equiv of Mohammed) won't feature.....
Or even a name like a royal ancestor Eleanor ie Queen Eleanor of Aquatine.
Elizabeth Alicia Alexandra Mary
I'm still chuckling at Canary42

Camilla . . . that would be a joke!

I am curious...why is Diana not a "nice" name Rocky ? What does that mean ?

FGS I just don't like the name, you asked what I meant by that and I answered, I just don't think it's nice. Simples.


after britain's first black queen?
Thanks Rocky. Than its just an irrational dislike of the name then. Its funny because I don't like the names Roger, Peter, or Gary, but I can't think of a reason why !
I've never liked the name Diana - I really hope they don't use it. It would drag the past into the future.
^^^ Eleanor would be lovely. Regal hints, but unusual for them.

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