Nick Cleggy Washes His Hands Of Cyril Smith

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lindapalmara | 07:13 Sat 11th Apr 2015 | News
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Another example of Hypocracy, Clegg described Smith as a Labour Party member during the abuse years despite the fact that the Liberal Party turned a blind eye under David Steel's leadership and even nominated him for a Knighthood. Still the Lib Dems have history of cover ups, eg Jeremy Thorpe and Lord Reynard!!

No Paedophile changes his spots with his Political allegiance.



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God, he's scraping the barrel. Pathetic!
08:01 Sat 11th Apr 2015
God, he's scraping the barrel. Pathetic!
Yes, who wants centre politicians anyway?
You don't want to get too hung up on the garbage that a politician in the process of disappearing up his own fundament spouts.
He is what he is, a nonentity in a pretend job that's coming to an end soon.
Don't give yourselves indigestion.
The pretence was that the Tories won the election, which they did not. The job was real, even if the party sometimes feels not so much.
Smith was a paedophile and sexual abuser all his adult life. His political allegiance is mostly irrelevant.

Mostly but not entirely, as he was nominated by David Steel for his Knighthood long after Steel would have known the truth about his loathsome
Party colleague.
What is it with the Labour party members and Paedophilia.
If that's true, mikey, it's sickening and I hope David Steel at some stage is forced to explain/apologise
Orderlimit....surely you aren't suggesting that its only the Labour Party that has had paedophiles in its midst....if you are, then perhaps you could produce some evidence ?

I will help you out. Savile was a regular visitor to Mrs T and even spent New Year with her at Chequers.

Your turn now !
fiction-factory...Steel has been asked about his actions but he had a fit of the vapours and pretended he didn't know of Smiths predilections for young boys.

Yeah, right.
Any attempt to harness the General Public's anathema for Paedophiles for political gain is despicable (and desperate).
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David Steel knew what Smith was doing and turned a blind eye. Same as Cleggy knowing about Reynard and Harriet Harman and Co knowing what PIE stood for when they were welcomed into the fold of Liberty!
//Orderlimit....surely you aren't suggesting that its only . . //.

Not suggesting it's only the Labour lot mikey but they seem to have more than the average share and even turn a blind eye to similar offending like previously in Rochdale and so on. (but I don't know).
Orderlimit...I can assure you that paedophilia recognises no political differences or borders, as will be apparent when the whole truth about Dolphin Square and The Elm Guest Guest comes out. Which should be quite soon.

In the case of Cyril Smith, can I recommend you get the following book from your Library ( if its still open ! )

"Smile for the Camera...the Double Life of Cyril Smith", by Simon Danczuk and Matthew Baker. It will make your hair stand on end
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I've read enough about Smith to last a lifetime. Horrible, horrible man!

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Nick Cleggy Washes His Hands Of Cyril Smith

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