Was It Really Necessary To Post This?

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Deskdiary | 13:57 Mon 30th Mar 2015 | News
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She states "When I see the picture it looks completely beautiful to my eyes." and then goes on to say "I wasn't being provocative. The point of the photo was to de-mystify all the taboos that are around menstruation."


1 - Is it beautiful?
2 - What taboos are there around menstruation? I can't think of any.

I won't draw a parrallel between this natural, normal bodily function and another natural, normal bodily function that I'm sure nobody would like to see (oops, just have drawn the parrallel).


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I think this is a superb example of the reason why instant communication for everyone is really not a good idea.

I don't think it's beautiful at all - and can't imagine why anyone would think it is - but that is a matter of personal perception.

I would suggest that almost all the taboos around menstruation have died out in civilised society - but this kind of posting does nothing to assist in that endeveour.
It doesn't bother me in the slightest,but if it was part of an art project it may have been better displayed in an art setting rather than so openly.

Not that I know much about Instagram.
No...not necessary at all.

As the mother to two sons I have always discussed periods with them, they don't need pictures though.
As a man, I regard menstruation as something of a drag, which women assimilate into their lives.

As the lady intimates, some do change vacations because of it, and some are hospitalised because of it, but the vast majority of women deal with it like excess hair, eyebrows, leg shaving etc., it goes with the territory.

I am missing the point of it being an 'art' subject, or the 'taboo' of the subject.
Normal, yes, but really not necessary to photo and post on the internet. No one wants to see it!
its not beautiful but neither is it ugly, it just is. doesn't upset me but i dothink there are taboos about mestruation, a lot of men are uncomfortable with the subject and women can be made to fell embarrassed.
Absolutely disgusting, would the showing of other bodily functions be acceptable?

Oh and while we are on this type of subject, why do some women think it is acceptable to display themselves in heavily pregnant posers?
lol AOG, would you have women confined....
AOG - // Oh and while we are on this type of subject, why do some women think it is acceptable to display themselves in heavily pregnant posers? //

I don't think that a picture of a pregnant woman equates with this - do you?

Is pregnancy something to be ashamed of?
i don't see why either is something to get het up about.
AOG, if you look out your living room window can are dinosaurs still roaming around?
It had to come didn't's natural, almost all women do it......knickers, bras sanitary towels......breast feeding in public...........wot's the problem?

/// Is pregnancy something to be ashamed of? ///

Of course it is not, and no one (least of all me) is suggesting that it is.

But there is no need whatsoever to go around saying "just look at me I am pregnant".
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why not, why can't you go around and say "look at me i'm pregnant"? what is wrong with celebrating pregnancy, should you choose to?
Why not, AOG?
There are women out there who have spent years trying to conceive. Too right they should get their bellies out and show the world if they chose to.
Well when we're not menstruating, we're pregnant ( or heaven forbid, menopausal) - frankly girls we can't win.

/// AOG would like which ever party wins the election to bring back no votes for women and for women to be chained to the the kitchen and bedroom! ///

It is just amazing what some can conjure up in their silly little mixed up minds from a perfectly reasonable question.

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