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Deskdiary | 08:54 Thu 26th Mar 2015 | News
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I hope Milliband is more prepared for tonight than he was in yesterday's questions. Taking the equivalent of a 6-0 drubbing was embarrasing to listen to.

Bit of a loaded question - but here goes anyway - does anybody on this site honestly think Ed Milliband is a viable alternative? If so, why?


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Because he's probably no worse than the others.
The new Labour luvvies will be along in a mo no doubt but for me I do not see "leader", with Blair, I hated the site of him but I could see his potential, not so with Ed. He gets a kicking most weeks in PMQs and lerches from blunder to blunder, got his a5se kiced by Myleeen Klass the other week. Gawd help us if gets the big chair. Our EU enemies will make mincemeat of him and we'll be worse off than the bubbles within 5 years.
At PMQs yesterday he was a complete embarrassment - but that's nothing new.
PMQs - disgraceful exhibition by all concerned

wild end-of term soon-to-be-on-the-dole-queue MPs howling like ... howling thngs. a veritable picture of fourth form chaos

Throw the all out and vote green or Scots national
Cameron and Clegg are not an hard act to follow.
Dave is basically a PR man, it's what he did at LWT.

But their record is not a good one. Virtually everything they announced over the last 5 years they have had to u-turn on to some degree. There have been literally hundreds of policies that have had to be drastically changed after they have been announced. That is a terrible way to run a Government.

Of course, this will not be the first time Cameron has been less than honest on VAT. At the last election in an interview with Jeremy Paxman on 23 April 2010, Cameron said: "We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT. Our first Budget is all about recognising we need to get spending under control rather than putting up tax." Then in his first budget, Osborne raise VAT by 2.5%.

If the Conservative's win a majority, mark my words, VAT will rise.
To answer the question, Miliband does not look like Prime Minister material, but neither did Cameron 5 years ago. If egets the job, he will either grow into it, or coast as Dave has done.
//If egets the job, he will either grow into it, or coast as Dave has done. //

I don't think Dave has 'coasted', but if you think Ed could ever make the grade as Prime Minister you're an optimist if nothing else, Gromit. He's not fit for office and never will be. would appear that I am the only person to read the title of this thread and assume a 'PMS question' is something like, "Do you feel up to going to the party tonight, or is your bad mood due to last the whole flipping weekend???"
Bubbles. Cockney rhyming slang, bubble and squeaks = Greeks.
SP, Haha! I thought about the PMS thing too – but to the question. No one has said that Ed is a viable alternative and explained why they think that if that’s what you mean.
I can't say that I warm to Cameron but this is a parliamentary election, not a presidential one. Policies, not personalities. I never thought that I would ever quote Tony Benn positively.
Naomi....Ed could be a viable leader if he has Alex Salmon guiding him along the way.
Haha! You'd like to think so, Sir Oracle.
It is a distinct possibility Naomi.
If that happens, then I'm on the next flight to Syria!

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