How The Daily Mail Works

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AB Editor | 11:13 Thu 05th Mar 2015 | News
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The Mail is a much loved paper round here, so I thought you might be interested in a story of what really goes on:

(This is the DM website, not the paper necessarily)

Journalism has never been a pretty field to be working in - and I always find it interesting that some people have this idea that journalism is somehow noble - but reading about their processes (which are very Buzzfeed) is still a bit of a shock :)

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I think the policies described in that article are fairly typical of online news sites. It is a fast paced, attention grabbing medium reliant on advertisers and if a site is ignoring a 'hot' topic they are going to miss out. If they get it badly wrong, an article can be quickly removed and hopefully forgotten about. Celebs and people in power know that...
11:34 Thu 05th Mar 2015
Perhaps AOG shouldn't have taken the blue pill, zacs.....
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"See the type of thing that you have started Ed? "

I know, I'm a terror :)

"Where have I heard that before, could it be that you post under different usernames? :0)"

We've got three Editors covering various daytime shifts now, if that's what you mean? Evening and Weekend Eds don't talk much. It's very hard work keeping up all these personae!

"AOG, there are no other posters on here....just you and the Ed."

I've read The Daily Mail for years and always take their headlines, "with a pinch of salt."
Wow, talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Hell hath no fury like an employee sacked.
Of course, all the other papers have Cary Grants with a notebook and a press badge in their fedoras.

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How The Daily Mail Works

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