Payout For Plebgate

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lindapalmara | 09:45 Thu 05th Mar 2015 | News
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Please can someone call me a Pleb??!! I could do with some dosh.


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That's a ridiculous amount of money. I was expecting him to get a few thousand but 80,000 is way over the top.
and it seems that in court, you may not be able to prove your version of what happened...

£80k and of course he will have to pay cost of both sides - eek !
100k on both sides

on top of £500k from the last round

Libel is very very expensive.....
Geo Carman said you only sue in libel if you have done it
He was talking about the famous Gail ( I will give you a good head ) Taylforth case which she lost...
you're a pleb linda, now give me your bank details and I'll transfer 80k
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Oh great!! That's two of you! I'll be quids in! Thanks!
// Weighing up the competing claims, the judge said PC Rowland was "not the sort of man who would have had the wit, imagination or inclination to invent on the spur of the moment an account of what a senior politician had said to him in temper".//

In other words the judge thinks he's too much of a gormless pleb to make up a story about someone calling him a pleb.
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Isn't it frightening how using one word inappropriately can possibly be so expensive!
Justice is wonderful, especially on the rare occasion when the 'little man' gets the better of the 'bigshot'. Enjoy every single quid of your fully-justified and well fought-for payment, PC Rowland!
Mr Rowland looks big and ugly enough to have been called much worse in his time, but he probably needed to pay off a chunk of his mortgage, or maybe he's got his eye on a nice yacht or some other trinket!
Triumph over the toffs for a change - great.
//Triumph over the toffs for a change - great. //

Is that really all you care about?
Shows the 'reasoning' behind a couple of our left-wingers, ymb.
I think he should sue the judge, Ludwig.
// I think he should sue the judge, Ludwig. //

He proably would if he had the wit or imagination to do so.
Perhaps PC Rowland – unlike some right here on AB – is actually bright enough to realise that there is a principle of immunity as regards judges in the performance of their legal duties.

Click and read Para 4:

It states that judges (quote) “also benefit from immunity from being sued for defamation for the things they say about parties or witnesses in the course of hearing cases.”
Most people on AB are bright enough to know when people are joking. Most normal (ie. not left-wing) people don't take themselves too seriously.
He might have to put it on his commons expenses claim .

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Payout For Plebgate

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