Has Peter Hitchens Latched On To Something?

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agchristie | 13:36 Sun 22nd Feb 2015 | News
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Hitchens has always been outspoken on the issue of drugs but has he identified a trend that should be explored and not ignored/underestimated or is it a coincidence between the links of terrorists and drug use?


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Sounds feasible to me coming from an extremely intelligent man.
Is this the same Hitchins who is adamant that drug users have control over their actions?
He can't have it both ways.
Never confuse opinionated with intelligent.
Exactly Zacs. Hitchens IMO is the worst sort of journalist. Scattergun ranting and juxtaposing of different issue, cod comparisons and shallow thought.
On the while I find Mr Hitchens repellant , but I have to agree with him to some extent about cannabis use.
I have no opinion as to the link between cannabis use and terrorism, but I do very strongly believe that cannabis is a drug which can do dreadful damage to mental health.
One instance of cannabis psychosis is too many and I think it should be banned or at the very least strictly controlled.
^^ On the whole
Ichi, his scattergun approach has obviously caught him out this time.
He is a ghastly man but he may have something here. There was a report in the papers only recently that cannabis is considerably stronger than it was years ago.
The legalisation debate has been going for so long that I became aware of the (colloquial?) link between its use and paranoia some 20+ years ago. Certainly enough to scare me off using it.

I was surprised to learn, recently, that skunk, which I thought was something new, has been sold in the UK for about 20 years too.

The article specifies people in their 20s and younger. Psychosis is a distinct from paranoia and we'll call it a 'new symptom', for the sake of argument. So, either we must postulate
i) that skunk brings on psychosis in a timespan as short as two or three years' exposure (psychotic teens) or
ii) their exposure began in the womb and they consumed it passively until their parents straightened out of using it in the family home. Smoking their own took their ligetime exposure past a much longer threshold, say 15-20 years.

The Matthew Parris and Jon Snow accounts report disturbing experiences from a single exposure.

If so, I would like to read a chemical analysis of what they tried versus what MS patients take as an analgesic. Is skunk cut with addictive agents, like opioids, or something?

Calling Matthew Parris a "Prominent left-wing figure" just about sums the man up. He is either ignorant or more likely writing for effect - like the rest of his trash
Matthew Parris left wing? Is that the same chap who used to be a Tory MP?
And here he is on Shaun the Sheep:

"As I watched the new Aardman animation, Shaun The Sheep – The Movie, and its flock of all-too-easily led and conformist woolly creatures, I struggled to work out who they reminded me of.
Then it came to me in a flash ..."
Cue insertion of you particular aunt sally: in his case, the "monstrous regiment of political journalists", in my case,as I had already reflected to myself, the rent-a-mob demonstrating against Ukraine in Moscow yesterday. I had a worrying moment when I thought I might be morphing into Hitchens :-)
He's paid to rouse middle Britain from its slumbers on a damp Sunday morning and no doubt he does a good job.
Oops sorry erm....yes!
Matthew Parris yes. Ex Tory MP. Admittedly not exactly on the right of the party but still a Tory. Maybe he counts as left wing compared to the writer ...
As might Genghis Khan
-- answer removed --
"Scattergun ranting and juxtaposing of different issue, cod comparisons and shallow thought.".
So different from the refined discourse of the AB bien pensants.
mikey, they've been saying that for decades.

You can read a more scientifically based assessment from Ben Goldacre here
Has Peter Hitchens latched on to something? No, but Christopher Hitchens might have done in describing him as "an idiot."

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