Has Peter Hitchens Latched On To Something?

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agchristie | 13:36 Sun 22nd Feb 2015 | News
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Hitchens has always been outspoken on the issue of drugs but has he identified a trend that should be explored and not ignored/underestimated or is it a coincidence between the links of terrorists and drug use?


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Thanks for your link/contributions.


Hitchens could not expect from his column anything more than an acknowledgement that the cases he highlighted had a drugs influence but, as JNO has stated, there will be a high amount of serious criminality that doesn't feature drug use.

A very inconclusive column and certainly not Class A or B!
Inconclusive? Maybe you should look at your original question. Peter H latches on to every conceivable concept going. And this time it's tripped him up. I have no idea why you give any credence to his paid-for ramblings.
"I have no idea why you give any credence to his paid-for ramblings.".
Or your de bono ones, perhaps.

But in UK, the prevalence among those of Black Caribbean descent is 9 fold higher. Yes , nine times higher.

Nobody really knows why.

I will file this away in the old noodle and think about it at my leisure.

It almost suggests a qualitative environmental difference: being in the minority here, subject to real people making put-downs, let alone voices in their head. I've often wondered whether sufferers have merely lost the ability to distinguish between old memories replaying themselves and actual sounds they are perceiving in the here and now.

By the way, did anyone refer to Christopher Hitchens in the present tense?

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Has Peter Hitchens Latched On To Something?

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