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Deskdiary | 09:37 Wed 18th Feb 2015 | News
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Does the thought of Ed Milliband becoming Prime Minister concern people?

If it doesn't, why not? (I'm genuinely interested).


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Yes it scares me to death, fortunately it's unlikely.
The thought fills me with dread, fortunately I don't think he has a snowball's hope in hell.
God(?) help this country if it ever happens. 'Unfit for office' is an understatement.
Whatever the polls say the voting public have a little "moment" in the voting booth at general elections and believe me there are many who will not give Ed the X. Like kinnochio in 1992, he may be ahead in the polls but he won't be in the poll that matters in May.
The thought of David Cameron being PM again concerns me more.
Are elections not just mps spending millions to keep their jobs and excessive wages .I have not came up will something to replace it but I am thinking about it .As a matter of fact I had a brilliant idea last week but I did not like it.
Weecalf, please tell us your idea.
Cloverjo, so the thought of Ed as Prime Minister does concern you?
The thought of any politician I am aware of becoming prime minister is a concern. Anyone who wants the job is probably a good candidate for rejection.
Yeah, you're not allowed to shoot them all weecalf
I wish Ed hadn't challenged his brother for the leadership of the Labour Party. I think DM would have been better, but Ed is still a preferred option to DC as PM, in my opinion.

I don't think he would be a good Prime Minister, but neither is Cameron.

The Red Ed nonsense just makes me laugh. If he was genuinely more Socialist, he would probably get more votes, but he isn't.

The Labour Shadow Cabinet is weak. They have been a poor Opposition. And I am not sure they are ready, but the Coalition have been terrible, so even a flawed Miliband would be an improvement. And with a veteran Deputy PM in Salmond keeping the new Coalition on the rails, it just might work.
It's not so much the one man that concerns me, it's all of them, in particular the ghastly troika of Miliband, Balls and Harperson.

Then if you factor in Salmond holding them to ransom, it doesn't really bear thinking about. Gromit, if you think the current coalition is bad, I'd suggest it could be alot worse.
It will be a coalition so all promises will be off.

I expect the next incumbents will attempt to keep the status quo and tinker at the edges.

It's Balls and Harperson that worry me more too.
Gromit - How can you possibly think that if he was genuinely more Socialist, he would probably get more votes? The majority in this country will never vote for a full blooded socialist government, they never have, it's just not British.
Ed Milliband. The guy who:
tweeted about "never forgetting" Sir Alex Ferguson...who is quite patently still alive.

I think it probably concerns Ed Milliband more than anybody.

The Telegraph (surprise, surprise) describes him thus:
He's like a political robot from the future who does a good impression of being human, but who occasionally gives himself away by getting things slightly wrong. He hasn't been properly de-bugged. He's more like the T-800 model cyborg played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator than the shapeshifting T-1000 model played by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2.
I'll be back!
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Wherever he ends up in May could someone please teach the moron how to eat a Sarnie in public.
I don't want either Ed or Dave as P.M. - but I suppose one of them will be. It's the shape of the coalition that worries me. I think Labour/SNP could be disastrous. Did anyone mention young Nicky?

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