Bbc Defends Stephen Fry

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anotheoldgit | 13:47 Wed 11th Feb 2015 | News
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Oh so just because it happened to be from uncouth Fry it is perfectly acceptable?

Note the BBC's response, first they address him as Stephen instead of using his surname as is generally the case with others, then go on to excuse him because that is how he is.

/// “Stephen, whose irreverence and style is extremely well-known to
viewers, ///

And what could be said regarding the Independence's reporting:

/// In happier news, Fry chose the Baftas weekend to make his first public appearance with his new husband Elliott Spencer, who watched on from the wings as the actor won the affections not just of Birdman stars Michael Keaton and Ed Norton, but also a kiss from Cuba Gooding Jr. ///

All lovies together, yuk, please pass the sick bucket.


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Seems a lot of fuss about nothing to me. Two swear words? And I certainly wouldn't say Stephen Fry mentions his sexuality more than the majority of people.
Fry is a pompous bore, wouldn't watch anything he's in if you paid me

No surprise the BBC defended his swearing and unnecessary impersonation of Stephen Hawking because the Corporation is obsessed with gay presenters (Fry, Norton, Winton, Amstell, Grimshaw, Mills, Davis, Balding, etc etc)
And here to present the 10 o'clock News is Edward "effing" Huws,
"Thank you w*****er. We now go live to Michael "effing" Fish who has some *** weather coming our way. We go later to Fiona bl***y Bruce for a round up of all the bo**o**s being spouted on PM's Question time.

Ummmm. on telephone." Oh quick Daphne. Switch on the 10 o'clock News.
He he he he ha ha ha ha chortle splutter. It is soooo funny and lively. They have gingered it up with lashings of Anglo Saxon expletives. Ha ha ha . What a hilarious hoot tee hee. Such intelligent and clever word play for a change. Makes the News less of a boor don't you know. Anyway. Must rush upstairs for the second time to change my wet underwear before the second half begins. P.S. try and text all the other stupid ladette cows so they don't miss such amusement"
If you haven't filled the sick bag up yet be a good Gentleman and pass it over to me!!!!

well I am retching with laughter but I don't expect that reply of yours to last, retrocop......i
a tad too personal.

To me the whole thing is a load of ***, I was a little surprised at the effing Cruise remark, the 'wife' remarks, I had expected. Thank God, he didn't use the stage curtains to wipe his penis clean.....
Is it that big?
errrrr ummmmm.words escape me.was that personal. Just couldn't find the right words to say without appearing pseudo intellectual and swearing.
hey sqad, i was pmsl, because umm sounded so ridiculous, like she was your maiden aunt telling you off, not PMSL at your roots or anything.
I can't be arsed to read the whole thread, but didn't Strphen Fry coin the term "luvvies"???
well the hubbie-wifie-thing is pretty small, physique-wise, Sipo.....
Calling someone's post stupid because their opinion may differ? Is that not a tad personal?
Yegods, is this non-subject still chuntering on......?

(Says shoota in a rare curmudgeonly moment.)
Where did you read that, retro?
where did I use the word or imply 'stupid' on this thread, retro? - to save you the time, kind that I am, this is the only page that I have contributed on..... I'm intrigued as now we have some genuine ...... remark made.
If you are referring to my use of the synonym of testicles, that was a remark directed at the general nature of the thread, a criticism on a number of fronts on the illustrious and salubrious Mr Stephen Fry KGB, CVO, OM, MC, HMP, MA and the rest.
I wasn't stating YOU mentioned my post as stupid and am upset you thought it was directed at you. The word "stupid" was used by another ab'er earlier as dive buddy also commented on earlier. Ummmm. I don't know how I can give you a clue as to who said it without it sounding personal. Sorry for any misunderstanding.
no need to be upset... wonderful that English is, it can easily be misunderstood. Boaty sent out a gem today on e-mails of such misunderstandings in Council complaints, such as,

"It's the dogs mess that I find hard to swallow." (apropos for News)

"The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it is
cleared. (Body & Soul?)

" I want to complain about the farmer across the road. Every morning at
6am his cock wakes me up and it's now getting too much for me." (Must be Chatterbank....)
I think Fry is living in his dream of being considered a 'National Treasure' - well loved by all except me and about 1m other females. Obviously he can do no wrong at the moment. But that is what the Baftas are all about, a whole bunch of luvvies together, showing off.
He is an intellectual and loves all the attention, I watched the Baftas and thought he was over the top with his luvviness and all that unneccessary kissing, he was a right turn off, thought Jonathan Ross was bad but this was worse. The Oscars can teach them what an awards show is all about
pixie @ 2052
I read my post to be referred as stupid at 1521.
That comment was picked up by divebuddy at 1726 and commented on.
Ok, thanks retro. I read it as to DT.
'He is an intellectual'
That just about sums the whole thing up
You can be a muzzie, a poofter, a socialist or a yoghurt eating greenie
But for god's sake don't be an 'intellectual' that is the worst crime of all

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