Bbc Defends Stephen Fry

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anotheoldgit | 13:47 Wed 11th Feb 2015 | News
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Oh so just because it happened to be from uncouth Fry it is perfectly acceptable?

Note the BBC's response, first they address him as Stephen instead of using his surname as is generally the case with others, then go on to excuse him because that is how he is.

/// “Stephen, whose irreverence and style is extremely well-known to
viewers, ///

And what could be said regarding the Independence's reporting:

/// In happier news, Fry chose the Baftas weekend to make his first public appearance with his new husband Elliott Spencer, who watched on from the wings as the actor won the affections not just of Birdman stars Michael Keaton and Ed Norton, but also a kiss from Cuba Gooding Jr. ///

All lovies together, yuk, please pass the sick bucket.


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Don't be rude, no need for it.
the swearing the man/man lip kissing was for effect.................. and it worked..... see above :) I do find him a bit tiresome now , seems to be on tv constantly.
what effect would that be anne?
Why shouldn't keep reminding us he's gay. It's seen as quite an achievement nowadays.
-- answer removed --
svejk, I think you're mixing up 'achievement' with 'accepted'. Well, accepted by those who don't live with Victorian morals and feel faint at the sight of two men kissing.
Marshwarble ///Jesus was famously kissed on the lips, Umm///
He's more noted for something else, Marshy.
Sorry, Mamya I don't agree with you. The word was totally, unnecessary.
You have very right to disagree Chrissa.
^every right
I thought Jesus was kissed on the cheek ( by Judas ) sorry off topic :)
Routinely? Are you sure about that?
ummmm, Don't be rude, no need for it..... same complaint to Mrs Stephen *** Fry.
"luvvy" is traditionally attributed to Richard Attenborough, who could never remember anyone's name so he called everyone "luvvy".
It's not rude when it was planned in front of an audience of grown ups.
I meant to mention Mills & Attenborough in my earlier post, jno but they fell down a brain-hole before I pressed submit. I was even midway through googling before I spontaneoudly recalled Olivier's name properly. I think I should see the Doc.


Oh they are very much back, as evidenced by Bruno Mars' excellent 'Uptown Funk' video.

You asked:

"ummmm, then you must live in a cave and have no friends. How many people do you know personally who bang on about their sexual preferences in public practically every time they open their mouth."

1. Mark Wright from TOWIE
2. The entire panel from Loose Women
3. Every rapper ever
4. Dapper Laughs
5. Robin Thicke
6. Keith Lemon
7. Those 'straight' blokes who are terrified that their mates will cotton on that they are gay.
8. All men reacting to the words 'Cheryl' and 'Cole' (or 'Cheryl', 'Fernandez' and 'Versini' if to be accurate).
Also, the "two fat blokes in a pub" sketches by French & Saunders. Observational humour, if you ask me.

Those on this thread who say they avoid watching Mr Fry are obviously depriving themselves of QI and are thus not aware of further examples of both the swearing and the occasional gayness references. Throwing away all those fascinatin' facts for the sake of disliking a presenter? Their loss, I suppose.

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Bbc Defends Stephen Fry

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