Bbc Defends Stephen Fry

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anotheoldgit | 13:47 Wed 11th Feb 2015 | News
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Oh so just because it happened to be from uncouth Fry it is perfectly acceptable?

Note the BBC's response, first they address him as Stephen instead of using his surname as is generally the case with others, then go on to excuse him because that is how he is.

/// “Stephen, whose irreverence and style is extremely well-known to
viewers, ///

And what could be said regarding the Independence's reporting:

/// In happier news, Fry chose the Baftas weekend to make his first public appearance with his new husband Elliott Spencer, who watched on from the wings as the actor won the affections not just of Birdman stars Michael Keaton and Ed Norton, but also a kiss from Cuba Gooding Jr. ///

All lovies together, yuk, please pass the sick bucket.


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//you can't type such words on this site because it's a family site. TV has watershed!! Can you see the difference? //

Yes. I see the difference. I am pretty sure I saw at least one child, a girl about 7-8 years old, in the audience.
If you take the trouble to go to TV "catch up" you may see her.
I suppose the clever,intellectual Mr Fry was giving this child the benefit of extra curricular education in his hilariously funny way!!!
No watershed to protect young ears in the RAH it seems.
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/// Well, accepted by those who don't live with Victorian morals ///

Well if it is 'old fashioned' to have morals, then it must be 'fashionable' to have no morals.

What does that say for the age that we live in?
These are the good old fashioned morals portrayed by Hogarth.
Bit like most city centres on a Friday Night. You know the ladette lying in the gutter covered in vomit and evacuated bladder with her skirt halfway up her back and the fellow ladettes stand around shrieking OMG OMG OMG as they take photos for posperity and await for a much abused ambulance to take her to A&E to have her stomach pumped out.
Yes we have come on in leaps and bounds since the days of Gin Lane haven't we?
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/// a criticism on a number of fronts on the illustrious and salubrious Mr Stephen Fry KGB, CVO, OM, MC, HMP, MA and the rest. ///

Show him some respect he is a married person now, use his married name Mrs Elliott Spencer.
This is pathetic.
I can't stand Stephen Fry; not because he swears, and not because he is gay, but because he is an irredeemable attention seeker who is about as funny as a severe dose of the runs.
///Show him some respect he is a married person now, use his married name Mrs Elliott Spencer. ///

Oh, my aching very droll you are, AOG.

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Bbc Defends Stephen Fry

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