Tube Driver Strike

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Deskdiary | 09:09 Wed 11th Feb 2015 | News
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The RMT are to go on strike over the sacking of a tube driver who failed two breath tests.

On the assumption the driver did fail the tests (I find it very hard to believe the driver was "fitted up" as Mick Cash has stated), then the sacking was absolutely correct, wasn't it?

Is Mick Cash the new Vic Spanner?


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The sooner all tube trains become driverless the better!
All the technology is in place, only union opposition is stopping it.
Tube drivers are notoriously 'luddite' remember when they demanded and got £1500 bonus just for 'working normally' during the Olympics?
The DLR is driverless , time for the tube to go the same way.
The Unions won't allow automated underground trains, hence there is a 'driver' in each one.

Yes automation works - look at the DLR.

As for this er, if it is a zero policy and he smelt of booze and a meter shows it then end off.

It always amazes me that the left still have this notion of us and them. The left need to drag themselves into the 21st century.
19th century first YMB! you's ever stop obsessing about the left? It's seriously boring!
// The Unions won't allow automated underground trains //

It will happen. If there's a machine that can do your job, sooner or later you'll be replaced by it.
You wont silence me like that ummm, although I do agree the left are very boring.
All the latest TFL trains are fully automatic but as a sop to the unions will have an 'operator' on board.
The 'operators' will be gone as soon as Boris can find a way to get rid of them along with most of the ticket sellers.

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Tube Driver Strike

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