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New Judge | 16:07 Sat 10th Jan 2015 | News
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Just set up a new PC with Windows 8.1 and Office 2013 including Outlook. If I delete a message from my Inbox (on the new PC) it automatically removes the message from the server meaning they cannot be seen on any of my other devices.

I remember when I last set up a new machine there was an option to disable this facility (meaning I could view and delete a message on on device but it would still remain in the Inbox of other devices). That's certainly how my old machine is set up (I can view and delete a message using it but it remains in the Inbox when I look on my other machines). I cannot find that facility on Outlook 2013.

Can anyone help please?


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you might get more relevant responses if posted in "technology".....
There are 2 ways of getting your emails if using a programme.

One is POP and the other is IMAP.

If POP then the message is downloaded to whatever computer checks for email, and then removed from the emails server.

With IMAP you are actually accessing the email on your email providers computer - so if you have multiple computer/devices checking the same account, when you read a message with one of them, next time you check for email with a different device you will see that that message has been read.

I don't know if this is of any use judge, I use an old version of outlook express. .

Press Tools then Options, select Maintenance and untick "Empty Messages from the deleted items folder on exit".
How do we know which we have Tuvok?
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Yes thanks for your contributions.

My old machine runs on XP with Outlook Express. My new machine runs on 8.1 with Outlook 2013.

I have just done a couple of tests:

On my old machine I receive an e-mail, read it and delete it. Open up my new machine, click “Send/Receive” and the message is downloaded to my Inbox.

On my new machine I receive an e-mail, read it and delete it. Open up my old machine, click “Send/Receive” and the message is not found.

It is clear that when deleting a message using my new machine it is deleted from the server. The old machine does not do that. I have just found where, when setting up my old machine, there was an option to retain deleted messages on the server. It is under “Tools”, “Accounts” “Mail” Properties”. There is a tick box “Leave a copy of message on server”. (This seems something similar to your features, AOG).

However, my old machine suggests my account is of the POP3 variety. When I look on my new machine it suggests it is IMAP/SMTP (though I have only one e-mail account and have not changed anything).

Could this be the problem?
The POP/Imap thing is a bit of a red herring. You should be able to tell your email client to leave a copy of the mail on the server when it's downloaded, regardless.
When I moved to Windows 8 I re-installed my old Windows mail programme as I couldn't be doing with Outlook 2013.
See your thread in Technology
Question Author
Thanks, Slack.

Because of my technological ineptitude I originally posted this question under "News" but then reposted it under Technology. As you can see I have received a couple of responses here and I'll have a look at the link and see if it helps. Thanks again.

And thanks to everybody else. I'll just fool around (very appropriate when it comes to me and IT) and see what I can find.

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E-Mail Deletions From Inbox

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