World Obesity

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Deskdiary | 09:02 Thu 20th Nov 2014 | News
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According to the report, obesity now costs the about the same as smoking and armed conflict, and more than alcoholism and climate change.

It will not be long before obestity will overtake smoking - less and less people are smoking, but more and more people are becoming fat.

Does anybody have any ideas how to stem the tide of people become fatter and fatter?

I have the utmost sympathy for those who are fat because of an underlying medical condition, however the vast majority of people who are fat are so because they eat too much and move too little.

Short of punitively taxing fat laden/sugar laden food to make it less attractive, which is a spectacularly bad idea as that punishes those of us who enjoy these foods occasionally, the only thing I can think of is to make fat people social pariahs the way smokers now are.

It has always puzzled me why gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, even sex and porn addiction are seen as 'illnesses', fat people are seen as 'victims' and yet smokers are seen simply as disgusting who deserve all they get!

Personally, I find it more distateful seeing a fat person eating a pasty than a 'normal' sized person smoking a fag.


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I'd take this report with a pinch of salt(not recommended). It'll probably turn out to be sponsored by the diet food industry like the last one that had you all jumping up and down(recommended)
yes prudie you are correct, yes smokers are indeed a disgusting smelly bunch but they are no less entitled to health care than the obese, both self inflicted, it is perhaps fortunate that neither group have to worry about the direct cost of health care. Gawd knows how the septics manage and they are fatter than us!
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TTT "they are no less entitled to health care than the obese" I've not seen that sentiment widely expressed on here. As for not worrying about cost I assume you mean the NHS. The US is full of fat/smokers, cost of healthcare is not a consideration when you embark on these, or any other, habits.
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cost is not initially an issue but rapidly becomes one when when your insurer won't pay prudie. Not sure how the US insurers deal with smokers/the obese but I imagine they'd do what they can to get out of paying. At least with the NHS we have no such worries.

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dont come to south yorkshire then Deskdiary,,noted as the most obese area in the uk,
I don't suppose there'd be any chance of teaching self-control in schools ? That way we might reduce obesity, drunken brawling, addictions, dangerous driving, the sex trade . . . . .
Well, you are right that obese people are not very attractive, but sometimes this condition is not only caused by the overeating and lack of physical activity. Health disorders like thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, Cushing syndrome can cause a person to gain weight. And by the way, obesity is considered to be a disease.

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