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Keyplus, your heading seems to imply another viewpoint?

Described as an embarrassment and in the scheme of things it is a drop in the ocean for IS with the millions of dollars worth of weaponry they have already acquired.
Of course keyplus,you would be an expert on the complexities of airdrops?
Another of your conspiracy theories, Keyplus?
Hopefully the airdrops will eventually blow the rseees off all the ISIS fighters and rid the planet of the despicable monsters.
No surprise really,the yanks have had more hen a few "Friendly Fire" incidents so they may as well drop the arms and ammunition straight to the enemy.
Here is the Associated Press Report in the Daily Mail, last week.

They regularly bomb the wrong side, so we shouldn't really be surprised that hey mistakenly supply the wrong side.
I seem to recall in the first Gulf war, more British troops were killed by Americans than by Iraqis. Fog of war indeed.
That's what happens when you just drop stuff from a height and watch it explode as a means of warfare.
// Another of your conspiracy theories, Keyplus? //

Isis is a creation of the CIA and the jews, for the sole purpose of making Islam look bad, so it can enslave the muslim people of the world and steal their oil. Americans and jews are alien devil lizards in human skins. The holocaust didn't really happen, and is simply a concoction of the same evil american/zionist cabal.

I think the theory goes something like that Naomi. I might not have exact details correct, but I think I'm in the right ballpark.
Sounds about right, Ludwig.
I see you are a person of the world keyplus.

Do you ever get out of your armchair?
Thanks for expressing a nebulous feeling I had, Ludwig.
Question Author
Naomi - perhaps you should read what others have said here before I reply to your conspiracy theory claim. However if I do agree with you for argument sake that fine it really was an accident then how much are you sure that they are not doing other accidents like killing innocent people, friendly fire etc. But many others have already said that.

Ludwing - I can see that you are being trained by either Naomi or Birdie. But apart from a couple of things about CIA, I will take most of your post as your own words that you are associating with me.
// Ludwing - I can see that you are being trained by either Naomi or Birdie. //

Yep, you got me - we're all jewish CIA agents in the pay of the zionist cabal.

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