Jack Bruce. R.i.p.

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Sipowicz | 17:40 Sat 25th Oct 2014 | News
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No.......... not Jack as well?

They're dropping like flies :o(((
Sad news to hear.

Even if not a massive fan, SOYL is one of those riffs you can't avoid while learning the instrument, so all 4-string pluckers will feel this loss today.

R.I.P. Jack, but keep on rockin'
Oh my God !...all my boyhood heroes are dropping like flies !

"Disraeli Gears" was the album to be seen bringing to school in the late 60's.......I am shocked and saddened.

seeing as how the number of bands - and celebrities in general - grew exponentially around that era, sadly this sort of thing is going to become a daily occurrence. :-/

JB with the also late great Rory Gallagher with the Cream tune "The Politician"
Check out the "rehearsal" at the head of this ..................

With Brendan o'Neill on drums......
Hypo ......... you're so right. Great acts still coming up today of course, but those of us of a certain age were around during a rich era :o)
I hadn't realised that we have lost two more of my boyhood heroes, until I just looked...Rory Gallagher, and my "best" favourite, Alvin Lee.

I saw Ten Years After in the Top Rank in Swansea, not long after they appeared at the Isle of Wight Festival, and it remained the highlight of my life for many years after. Nobody played guitar like Alvin Lee, and nobody played bass like Brucie !

RIP Old Rockers !
I suppose people, even famous people, are dying all the time but we only notice when it was someone we know of personally. I remember reading about George Formby's death and wondering if I'd heard the name somewhere.

I only just discovered Annette Funicello, one of the original Disney Mouseketeers, had died - it had happened on the same day as Thatcher so it wasn't much reported.
JNO...I suppose for people of our age we must expect more of this as time goes on. But it just makes me feel sad, that all these heroes are leaving us.

The 1960's were just such an iconic decade, that I am not sure if it has been beaten yet. But I guess that is a debate that might cause some sparks, so I will back out gracefully !
CS Lewis (of Narnia) and Aldous Huxley died on the same day - but nobody noticed, because so did JFK.

Choose the deate of your death carefully if you want people to pay attention!
I am getting worried. All my heroes are falling off their perches. Meanwhile, Keef still goes on!
Carol...I think he's pickled and will go on for ever !
I'm sorry, I don't know who he was. I did know of Cream, but I gave up listening to pop music by 1980 on the grounds that if anything was any good it would last. This theory seems to have generally worked and saved me a lot of lost time listening to dross.

I am sorry that such a creative musician should have died so young. There seems to be a plethora at the moment. Creative people used to live longer than the rest - could it have been the early drug-fuelled lifestyle?
RIP, Jack.
By coincidence I posted Cream Sunshine of your love on Mamya's goodnight thread last night. Spooky !.
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Met Baker and Bruce a few times in the early 70's at 'Ye Olde Blue Boar' on the back road between Wantage and Newbury, think there was a Managers House or Studio nearby, always good nights.
RIP Jack.
I saw Jack last year in Montreal at the Jazz Festival with Spectrum Road - mesmerising, such a sad loss.

Ironic, because this year, I saw Ginger Baker who said people have said he was going to die since the 1960's, but Jack is the first Cream member to be lost to us.

RIP Jack, you were, and are, a legend.

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Jack Bruce. R.i.p.

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