Cameron: Too Little, Too Late?

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ChillDoubt | 13:43 Thu 16th Oct 2014 | News
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Says action is needed on immigration and is having 'one last go' at getting a better deal for the UK with the EU.

Hasn't he had enough chances at curbing immigration and left it far too late? Has had the legislation to do so but didn't implement it vigorously enough.
As for negotiating with the EU, he'd be better off giving them all a farewell handshake, wouldn't he?


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Yes chill, sooner we're out of the vile EU the better. There is NO other solution now. Things have gone too far.
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His case isn't helped in light of this news either:

Those figures are completely unacceptable and will only add more fuel to the UKIP manifesto.
Free movement no doubt seemed like a good idea when the EU was founded with little or no risk for any of the members.

Clearly it is untenable with the economic diversity of the newly expanded EU.

The problem is, chilli, that the PM has not had the legislation to deal with migration from the EU. Quite the contrary, in fact, because EU legislation, by which the UK is bound, provides for free movement of people across the union. They do not have to have a reason to come here; they do not have to have employment here or want to study here; they do not have to have connections here. Preventing people moving from Sofia to London is no more possible than preventing people moving from Liverpool to London. If they want to come, they come, and that's that.

This is the utter folly of the EU and, as has been mentioned by Zeuhl, it was a fine principle when the EU consisted of a dozen or so member states all with similar economies. Now it is made up of 28 nations and the difference in living standards between, say, the UK and Bulgaria or Romania is enormous.

Furthermore, as I have said before, the publication of "net" migration figures hides the real problem. In fact more than 560,000 people arrived to settle in the UK in the year to March 2014. The effect is that the UK is having its population swapped. Those leaving are predominantly high skilled high net worth people; those arriving are predominantly low skilled low net worth people. This is reflected in the "job creation" figures which the government lauds. Most of the new jobs are low skilled and/or part time jobs and those taking them need considerable support in the way of benefits to sustain a living.

Successive governments have brushed this under the carpet and have told the electorate not to be silly - it is good for them. Well it isn't and Mr Cameron has absolutely no chance of gaining any concessions from the EU on the principle of free movement. The only way out of the mess (or, rather, to prevent it getting any worse) is for the UK to withdraw from the EU now. Contrary to the scaremongers life will go on, and for people in the UK it will be a whole lot better.
I see theres no mention of african and asian immigration which is going on unfettered as it has done for the past 40 or so years.

The damage it has wreaked on this country is immeasureable....
Truly pathetic
I dare not comment on this!
Regards your reply N.J. I'm sure the UK would be quite within it's rights to ban the influx of HIV & the likes coming & keeps coming from this part of the world, I know what I would do, the EU Can stick their rules where the sun does not shine, to m the health of this country comes first.
If only that were so, TWR, if only.
N.J. If this Gov had any [email protected] they would tell the EU, no more.
I am intrigued by the change of language. 'One last go'. When, pray, was the first go? People have been screaming warnings for years and have been pushed down, ignored, called bigots etc..... we all know the story. Suddenly Dave is the St. George figure. The political impulse is way too obvious.
Chanel 3 now, have a look how its spreads. Ebola
Probably trying to win over UKIP voters, doubt very much that Dave would be saying this if he wasn't scared about the popularity of UKIP at the moment.
tonyav - I agree.

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Cameron: Too Little, Too Late?

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