Bbc And Ukip

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brionon | 12:18 Wed 01st Oct 2014 | News
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On Breakfast this morning -did they only mention UKIP 23 times ? That for a Party that may soon have one MP ?


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They're news. And if enough Tory voters defect to them, as many expect, they'll scupper the Conservatives hopes in the forthcoming election.
I was unaware that one had to be a MP before one was mentioned on the BBC.
Do you seriously count each parties 'mentions' on the BBC and then correlate to the number of MP's currently sitting? Have you tallied it up for the year?

And were all those 23 mentions good, is that your point? What if they were bad would you be happier?

It's because of the BBC's hideous right-wing bias.
Yes, it's terrible jim.

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Bbc And Ukip

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