When Will They?

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Butterbun | 15:45 Mon 08th Sep 2014 | News
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When will these silly women stop falling for these types of scams?


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The link doesn't work, Butterbun.
A different link...
Question Author
I thought I'd got it. that's disappointing. Will try again.
Blokes get caught out too BB, and both genders happily give away their bank/credit cards details to scammers for other reasons.
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That's the one Gizmonster. I just can't seem to get a' link' right. Sorry Baldric but thanks for trying.
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I just can't understand it at all. Don't they stop and think?
A quote from the link:

"One victim, Suzanne Hardman, handed over £174,000"

.... what the f*** ????
It would be interesting to find out if more men or more women got scammed in this way. I just can't understand it . They meet someone on line and send them hundreds of pounds so their sick (fill in whatever) can be saved or they can come to the UK and live happily ever after with you.....Ding dong -are their warning bells on mute?
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I'm speechless, I feel like giving her a slap.

Suzanne Hardman is in the in the Video on the Link I used
it's mad alright.
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Sorry Baldric, I'll look later, have to go now, the kitchen calls. long as there are foolish people around, there will always be those that take the opportunity to part them from their money. But £174,000 sounds ludicrous !
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I'm sure more women than men would get scammed this way woofgang, but then again...
Warning bells? They wouldn't hear them because they're in 'lurve'. Crikey, Retrochic, how can you be in love with someone you've never met? It has to be a kind of madness as svejk said. No sane minded person could be so foolish, but they must be. There is an old saying 'A fool and his/her money are soon parted' but as mikey4444 said, £174,000 thousand is just plain ludicrous.
I wouldn't part with a fiver....
When I read this yesterday on the news I was staggered how stupid some people can be.

If they met them in the high st. they would not even give them a fiver, so why give them hundreds or thousands of pounds over the internet.

I saw something the other day about people in the UK being conned out of over 2 million pounds in total by people phoning them up and suggesting they invest in gold.

Of course they send the money, but the other people never buy the gold and then just vanish off the face of the earth.

No wonder there are so many scammers when there are so many stupid people.
I don't agree with the idea that more women than men would get scammed. I know personally of one incident where a man 'fell in love' on the Net with a Thai girl (yes I know). he paid for her to come over, paid for her ailing mother and her sister to come over, got married got pregnant then divorced him -she got the house...he's now in rented accommodation, she's in a £400k house with all her family from Thailand. Same thing different tactics.
Stupid ***, they never learn.

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