Brilliant Or Wot ?

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brionon | 11:26 Sun 07th Sep 2014 | News
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Russia is flexing it's muscles -Muslim extremism threatens us all. The solution ? Scotland quits the UK, England quits Europe and --- Divided we stand. Simple innit ?


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what does wot mean?
Steg - it must be an Engerlish word
wot does 'aye' mean?
I can't see how Scotland staying in the UK will bring Putin to his knees. Though there's talk of Scotland not being able to stay in Nato, but that's Nato's problem.
aye = awa ye englanders
wot does 'awa' mean?
England quitting Europe won't stop Muslim extremism. I have no idea what you are suggesting.
The only Muslims that I know are Scottish Muslims - don't know if that helps of hinders brionon's post.
The NATO thing is REALLY simple. As a newly independent country, Scotland would not automatically qualify for membership. Instead, it would have to apply. Such an application would be unlikely to be rubber-stamped straightaway. Instead, Scotland would be invited to participate in the Membership Action Plan to prepare for possible membership, demonstrating in the process that it is in a position to undertake the commitments and obligations of membership, and contribute to security in the Euro-Atlantic area.

Albania and Croatia were invited to join NATO at the Bucharest Summit in April 2008 and formally became members when the accession process was completed on 1 April 2009. Currently there are four partner countries that aspire for NATO membership: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro. Although it would take a few years, an independent Scotland would have little difficulty in joining NATO.

Does one have the English translation of that please?
I think brionon is reminding is that 'divide and conquer' is the most effective way to gain the upper hand in conflict and get control. We British are masters at it.

Now here we are along with the rest of Europe and the western world facing terrorist threats and attacks of what could be the start of WWIII and yet we are willing to divide ourselves from Scotland (or England/Wales/Northern Ireland, depending on your point of view) and the EU instead of joining forces.
Even if a Yes vote prevails Scotland will only then be 'on the way' to becoming a genuine independent country - it will still have the Queen as Head of State and possibly a built in subservience to the pound.

Hopefully it would follow Sweden and Finland and not join NATO(North AmericanTakeOver) who may possibly precipitate nuclear action if it does not stop flexing its muscles.
England quitting the EU has no bearing on its NATO membership.(Special Relationship terrier to US)

I'd call Australia and Canada independent countries despite having the queen. In essence I think this is because their constitutions allow for fairly symbolic heads of state, with heads of government having most power. It's pretty much the samehere.

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