Has The Dm Got A Point?

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ToraToraTora | 09:16 Wed 27th Aug 2014 | News
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Ok standard DM sensationalism but I think they have a point. PC obsessed officials are terrified of being labelled racist and as such allowed this catalogue of abuse. Is the PC dedicated official prepared to brush anything under the carpet rather than be labelled with an "ism"?


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That must have played some part. But as far as the police were concerned there may also have been the thought that as these children were 'in care' they were not worth helping.
What nonsense Sandy and how typical of you to try and cast assertions against Plod to detract from the real reason.

This is 100% down to right-on liberalism and labeling anyone who dares speak against anyone with a darker skin or a foreign background as a racist.

Same reason we have home grown jihadists chopping Americans heads off.

Liberal lefties have a lot to answer for.
Waiting for Canary42 to label you either racist, a troll, or even xenophobic for daring to make such assumptions.
// Is the PC dedicated official prepared to brush anything under the carpet rather than be labelled with an "ism"? //

is the dedicated official so determined to keep his job that he will activate any thread bare excuse in order to keep his job and susidised pension ?

I say - Yes !
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sandy YMF latest post above is so off the wall
do you think it is tongue in cheek...

I wish I cold write like that : and the tide of black skins storming the mountains of Mourne make the hackles on the back of my neck rise. The fearless RUC, mindful of their duty to protect all Irish ....

The Americans have termed them - 'disposable population'
and yeah Sandy I think both the police and the social thought they werent worth helping.

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/// Tuesday’s report concluded that by far the majority of perpetrators were Asian men, and said council officials had been unwilling to address the issue for fear of being labelled racist. ///


/// The report said council staff were scared of being accused of racism by flagging up the issue in a town of nearly 260,000, where 8 per cent were from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. ///


Question Author
Colinandjess:"leftie liberal or a racist?
I know which I would rather be!! "
well I must confess to being baffled by this declaration, are you saying that it would have been racist to do anything about this and thus you therefore agree with the innaction to avoid being thus labelled?
Yes, it does have a point. High time the rest of the country woke up!

/// leftie liberal or a racist? ///

/// I know which I would rather be!! ///

There you have it straight from the horses mouth, is it any wonder that the officials were prepared to let this child abuse take place, they are all scared of being called a racist.
In my limited experience with the police they just aren't interested.
PP not it is not tongue in cheek, but then I suspect you are attempting the usual leftie liberal manner of belittling a poster rather than present an argument against the post.

Your post however makes no sense whatsoever - much as usual I suppose.

Yes Colinand has put is pretty succinctly.
I read it that Peter Pedant would rather be a racist.

Or did I get the wrong end of the stick?
I think there's a motto above the door of the Old Bailey in London, 'Defend the children of the poor...'

While that's a reference to the entire judicial system, does anyone really believe that the police direct as much attention towards defending 'chavs', or their children, as they do to looking after the interests of better off people?
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Everyone in the public sector is brainwashed and bullied into not saying or thinking anything that could be construed as racist and nothing is more important, not even the welfare of vulnerable children. Why are people so afraid of being accused of being racist? I don't give a toss, I just say what I think and if I get accused of being racist so what, I don't really care? I can think of worse things to be called, like a rapist of underage children for example.
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