Family Attacked

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kvalidir | 09:52 Tue 05th Aug 2014 | News
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I do tend to cut people quite a bit of slack generally because they might have had a bad start or whatever, but seriously how do you manage to end up doing something like this?


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That's truly appalling. I'm just glad that the police have made some arrests.

That poor family, I can't imagine the pain that they are suffering with the loss of a baby and now these monsters have added to that.

I saw this on the news this morning. I have a feeling that there is something that we are not being told here, as it sounds a bit bizarre to say the least. Two children have been arrested as well as 4 adults.

Strange story.
people can be evil.................

Strange, and very sad, but I can't help wondering if there's more to this than we've been told, there is not a lot of detail in the report!
Well, I am not privy to the contents of the argument that went on at the graveside, but my first thoughts are of revulsion.

Time and time again we are told on this website that thanks to various welfare reforms we have bred a less violent society.

I have yet to see evidence of this.
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Could it have been a racial attack?
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On first reading it appears to be an incomprehensible and indefensible attack......however, I agree that some things seem to have been omitted.

For instance, there is no mention of the still-born childs Mother being in attendance at this 'private' ceremony.....I wonder whether this may hae some bearing?
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It does seem odd I agree, but seriously no matter what we're not being told surely you just don't go around popping balloons that a grieving family intend to set loose to honour their dead child? Parks should be for everyone to do their stuff in, and letting balloons go seems pretty harmless to me.
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.......unless, perhaps, you feel that the family have somehow 'appropriated' grief to which they are not entitled......?
I think i'll reserve judgement until the whole story comes out.
it might be as senseless as it sounds. There aren't any more details in this report
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I can't imagine any reason that would excuse this attack.

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Family Attacked

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