Oh Dear, This Might Dent Labour's Lead In The Polls!

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ToraToraTora | 19:19 Mon 04th Aug 2014 | News
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No no no. It would have to have been in purple crayon to put them off.
// both Labour and Liberal Democrat spokepeople said that the party leaders had not been given the opportunity to write their own messages. //

It is rather distasteful of the OP and the malicious twitter post to use the dead of the Great War to score cheap political points against Miliband

This won't dent any apinion polls. Miliband (and a lot of others ) was not given a chance to write his own message. To twist that as Miliband deliberately insulting the dead from WWI is disgraceful. You should be ashamed TTT.
Question Author
ok hands up, i didn't realise they had not been given the chance to write their own, apologies to all concerned.
I don't think he has all his chairs at home.
I thought it was uber naff officially but it now transpires that David Cameron was given his miles in advance to write where as Ed Milliband and Nick clegg were handed those at the lats minute and the writing is not Milliband's at all but some lackys, because it's identical writing to the one the Deputy Prime Minister had just for identification purposes.
God, originally not officially, sorry ;/
pretty clumsy of the organisers to arrange it that way; there was always a chance that a political row might take the headlines away from the original point of the ceremony.

///it later emerged that a number of other political leaders including Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, also placed wreaths with similar messages, written in the same handwriting///
So Milliband and Clegg hadn't taken the effort to prepare their own message, were surprised they were to lay a wreath, couldn't do it in the time given (how long does it take to write 4 lines?) then handed it on for someone else to stick a label on it. These two want to run the country but can't assert their own wishes. God help us
If Ed Minibrain was given the card to write at the last minute, surely that indicates that he can't think on his feet without a script. He could have come up with something better than the fact that he is a dummy.
Mr Miliband is a useless clown. Hopefully he remains leader of the opposition.
Mr Cameron and his cronies are so far out of touch I hope he BECOMES Leader of the Opposition.
Milvus, askyourgran, Oderlimit

Which part of

// had not been given the opportunity to write their own messages //

Do you not understand?
I think it demonstate the breadth of his imagination.
'We owe a huge debt to the dead of WW1 who gave their lives for us.'
Not great but it only took me as long as it took to type it.
Gromit, the bit where he says this is not good enough, not respectful enough. I want to add something that represents the thoughts of my party and the people that support it. Where he takes control and does the right thing. Do you not understand?

Miliband and Clegg may have wanted to write something more poignant BUT THEY WERE NOT GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY.

Fair enough if you do not like Miliband, but to castigate him for something he hasn't done is plain mean.
Gromit it nothing to do with whether i like him or support the party. He and Clegg are leaders. You'd at least expect them to have a message prepared, to take some control, to have said what they wanted, but they didn't. I don't think that is good enough
Gromit, they have only had a hundred years to think about it and come up with something meaningful. I think that you and I could do that..........
"Miliband and Clegg may have wanted to write something more poignant BUT THEY WERE NOT GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY".

I think they have had ample opportunity Gromit.

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Oh Dear, This Might Dent Labour's Lead In The Polls!

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