Female Aid Workers Murdered In Afghanistan

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ChillDoubt | 12:45 Thu 24th Jul 2014 | News
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Some savages just will not be helped. One wonders if a combination of their gender and the religion behind the charity were major factors.



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It would seem that these days it is an occupational hazard for all aid workers, makes one wonder why they bother.
There were 81 attacks on Aid workers Afghanistan last year. They do not seem to be deliberately targeting women, anyone western is a potential target.
They're obviously very driven individuals and possibly a little naive
Very good Gromit (?).
As to why they bother; I guess some folk feel that risking one's live for an cause/aim they hold dear, is worth it. Perhaps even defines it and makes their life worth something. Personally I don't have that sort of courage.
Being cynical, perhaps they do it because they want to go to heaven.
Maybe. It could be an incentive. But surely you can achieve that by running the annual jumble sale for the church, and being nice to vagrants ?
It could be that despite the very obvious risks the Finnish women may have felt that adversity probably wouldnt happen to them and that their obvious courage and willingness to make a difference outweighed the risk?
I think much of this stems from the ignorance of superstition, suspicion, and mistrust. Very sad when people with the best intentions try to help - and get that for their trouble.
NGOs and Aid organisations are mistrusted in these areas because they often include 'volunteers' who are also working as spies for the CIA.
Gromit, are you Keyplus in disguise?

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Female Aid Workers Murdered In Afghanistan

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