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black_cat51 | 19:07 Wed 16th Jul 2014 | News
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i don't usually pay much attention to what is going on in the middle east, but i heard on the radio that 4 children were killed by Israeli fire on a beach, and there was an israeli spokesperson on saying "hammaas must bear the responsibility for this as they are perpetuating violence"
NO, the people that did it (your side) must bear responsibility


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There is no solution to this problem - and there never will be.
It's tit-for tat black-cat neither side will see sense. The middle east is a powder keg.
I'm so sick of hearing about the people in this region killing each other, I'd be quite happy if the whole area slid into the sea and took everyone with it.
I saw Jon Snow losing his journalistic cool with a calm and measured Israeli government spokesman on Channel 4 news tonight.
He ain't no Paxman.
There's major wrong on both sides but apparently only the Jews are to blame if you believe what we're fed.
> but apparently only the Jews are to blame if you believe what we're fed. <

who is stealing the land douglas ?
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Jordyboy you are right GOD GAVE THEM THE LAND push all the arabs out
they should just go and sit in the desert and keep shtum

Hitler, a German killed jews and Muslims of Palestine have been suffering since then. Neither these Jews were given a place in Germany or anywhere in Europe or America to comfort them nor did they realise that it had nothing to do with Palestinians.
It's really very simple, stop throwing penny bangers over the wall and it will stop. A fact that Hamas seem unable to grasp. Hamas are to blame for these kilings. Isreal stopped when a cease fire was agreed, hamas did not.
Looks like like Israel are having another attempt:
I'd say Hamas are the ones who want to continue the violence, do they expect Israel not to react?
don't forget the pointy stick r1
1.54 vid. Gaza killed an Israeli AFTER the ceasefire. What did Gaza expect in retaliation, a bunch of roses? We see vids of every shell in Gaza that makes me think the Palestinians goad for publicity & sympathy. Time the palestinians learned we ALL share our lands if we want to survive.

Keyplus heres what muslims did & you enjoy the fruits from it. Look up Ottoman to learn more muslim treachery.
Keyplus, the Jews didn't want a place in Germany, or anywhere in Europe, or in America or anywhere else. Israel (Palestine) is the land they claim was promised to them by God and no other land would ever have been acceptable to them.

Tamborine, Palestine wasn’t shared. It was stolen.
I have no time for either side but to answer the OP Hamas(& co) do have to bear responsibility for the 4 children because a) they started the current wave by killing Israeli kids b) They started lobbing pointless rockets over the border c) They were offered a ceasefire and refused to stop.

And this morning we find they tunneled out with the sole intention of raiding a Kibbutz. I wonder how many dead children that would have produced.

Nuke the lot of them, only way it will ever end it.
When the Germans bombed us in the War we bombed them.Are you suggesting we should not have done so ?
> resistance to occupation is a right under international law
You come home one day and find there are squatters in your house. They tell they've taken it over but you can live in the shed at the bottom of the garden if you don't kick up too much of a fuss.
You go to the police, but they tell you they support the squatters. And to add insult to injury they arm the squatters so when you object to how you're being treated they can come and give you a beating.

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This Story Made Me So Sad/angry

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