If Scotland Split From The Uk -

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brionon | 14:46 Tue 08th Jul 2014 | News
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Life expectancy in the UK will rise. Does anyone know any other Stats ?


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Does this mean we'll be searched for Square Sausage on the border as we leave?
How do they work that one out Brionon?
If Scotland split from us southerners, the UK won't exist.
Will there be an annual import quota of deep-fried Mars Bars allowed into England and Wales ?

Interesting, I assume you're talking Averages, do you have a Link?
Although life expectancy in Scotland is higher than it's ever been, it's still not as high as in other parts of the UK:
If this happens, Scotland will rise above sea level at a terrifying rate lacking the anchoring effect of the rest of Britain. On the other hand London will cease to need flood precautions as it isn't being pushed underwater by Scotland. Statistically this is undeniable.
Hopkirk if Scotland splits from the UK, the UK will still exist as it is currently made up of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. So if Scotland leave the other 3 countries will still make up the United Kingdom
The level of debt will come down. RestofUKs credit rating goes up, Scotland's declines.

The number of nuclear missiles and subs in Scotland goes down, along with naval employment. Plymouth (and Falmouth) goes up by the mirror amounts.
I wonder if a rise in life expenctancy will have an impact on the annuity market. And even worse - the Buckfast wine company will have to get an export licence.
what I don't get is the attitude of some scots interviewed about their expected vote choice - they intend to vote "yes" in order to "stick it tae Cameron".

the result of the referendum is likely to affect how Scotland will be governed in the future, possibly for many years. yet here's a vote choice made on the basis of slighting an English politician who won't even be in power this time next year.

barking. no, in fact so far past barking that the district line has run out of stations insinuating sanity.

by all means vote "yes". but do it for a proper reason.
Will it be possible to still purchase kilt mirrors if they leave us ?
I suppose the final outcome will depend on whether those magnificent people living in Scotland and able to vote will vote with their hearts or their brains.

Are deep fried Mars Bars Scottish? I believe that chip shops in Scotland sell deep fried pizza (in batter). It sounds indigestible.

It would be nice for Scotland to be independent and to be seen as a separate entity, (and to be even more loved on a global scale) but I think that the "NO" vote will win.

I was hoping for a 'no' vote, but if independence means I'll live longer, good riddance to them.
I bought a deep fried Mars Bar in Scotland. It was quite nice. Deep fried haggis is good too.
Haggis and Drambuie ice-cream too.........
// Deep fried haggis is good too. //

I hope they despatch them humanely first and don't just chuck them in to boil alive like lobsters.

Iwas almost tempted to buy a whole deep fried pizza [email protected] a bargain price of £5.20,whilst in Scotland over the weekend but the slight cost of the calories is slightly offputting. As the average calorie count for a 1/4 supper is about 800kCal, (without the chips).

Anyone for the hardened atreries?
Scrabster lobsters, yum. Scrabster General Hospital, the highest heart attack deaths in Scotland, not so yum.
DTC, does that mean that eating lobsters cause heart failure, or is it perhaps the bill.

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If Scotland Split From The Uk -

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