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brionon | 10:47 Sat 05th Jul 2014 | News
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Wow can this be true? 7 months for only killing a pensioner on a Zebra crossing .
What next-I wonder ?


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Links don't work in the title box, brionon. Here it is:
All I can see is this is a terrible accident, no malice was intended, the driver was not drunk or on drugs and was travelling at very low speed. It's very sad but I wouldn't want to see him jailed very long for it to be honest, there was no intent or malice in his actions. This could happen to anyone who ever got into a vehicle.
Do not see any mention of a 'zebra crossing'.
had he been insured, he may not have been jailed at all. the law takes a dim view of that.
I agree with shar. It is tragic, but accidents happen and unless the motorist was drinking/speeding/on drugs, it is hard to say, really. If it is unintended, a punishment is not going to make someone think "I won't do that again".
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Motorists unite-*** the rest.
That's pretty rude- I was trying to absolutely fair, and I don't drive and one of my friends is in intensive care with a broken spine, shattered pelvis, two broken legs and other internal injuries because he was hit by a car. I just think it was an accident, which it was, I didn't say *** anyone :(
No, only brionon is saying that.

///7 months for 'only' killing a pensioner///

Is killing a pensioner not enough then?
Where was the zebra Crossing?
'An uninsured van driver'

My only sympathy is for the pensioner. (Your wording in the OP is confusing, brionon)
It is true that the winter sun can be blinding, especially if you turn in to it from a shaded street.
I agree with kvalidir, it was a tragic accident. The pedestrian wasn't mown down by a speeding driver but knocked at slow speed which caused him to stagger and stumble.
The driver was remorseful and will probably be suffering for many years.

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