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brionon | 13:18 Thu 03rd Jul 2014 | News
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Everybody is wondering What happened to Andy Murray. Er- No they're not. Are you ?


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There is only so much floral dresses and "Come on Tim" I can stand DB !
Andy Murray is a world class tennis player whose has worked hard and forfeited much to get to his position.

He lost one did Nadal.
I was just about to say the same thing, db.

What have you got against middle class mums, Mikey? Or is it their floral print dresses that put you off? Would a working class mum in a floral print dress be OK? What about a middle class mum in jeans and a T Shirt?

I suspect it's the fact that they are middle class that gets your goat rather than their apparel, but I think we should be told!
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I've heard of him, i think. Miserable bu99er who always comes second?

Henman Hill to Murray Mount to Losers Lump!
NJ, I think the floral apparel on the working class woman is more likely to be a pinnafore!
I ate haggis once, about 5 years ago. I thought it was one of the most unpleasant 3 mins of my life, and its something I have intention of repeating ever again.
You've obviously never tried andouillette mikey
I had to google andouillette, just to make sure, and no I haven't !

I had some friends back in the 70's who used to invite me to dinner parties, and the hostess used to make her Mother's signature dish, Stuffed Lambs Hearts. Not wishing to hurt her feelings, I pretended to enjoy these with gusto. But she then made them "especially for me" every time a went back.

Its always best to tell the truth and shame the Devil !
andouillette = tripe sausages

They might as well make them of elastic bands. I went to an area of France once where they were the "local delicacy". If I were them I'd have kept quiet about it.
The press seem to be making a 'thing' of the fact that he shouted out "five f-ing minutes before the match started" to his team, and that there must be a problem within. Possibly girlfriend trouble, as they left in separate cars, they're saying.
They probably always leave in separate cars, as Andy has so much stuff to do after his matches. But trying to build a story out of not very much.
Did Cameron ask him to Tea in the afternoon at No 10 , and also recommend him for a knighthood?
The "five f***ing" minutes" thing IS quite intriguing.
And he plainly was not up for it as he should have been.
Oi..lay off my lad !
One of the commentators said it had something to do with the AETC giving both players very short notice of their court start time. Unwttingly he has revealed that he requires more than ten minutes to get himself mentally ready for a match, not to mention any physical warmups he might need (he was on a practice court over an hour before last year's final, iIrc).
…and, for some light relief, on this theme, try the last item in this weekend's Newswatch (ie the 5th July edition).

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