National-Crime-Agency Warns Against Powerful Computer Virus.

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anotheoldgit | 07:45 Tue 03rd Jun 2014 | News
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Will anyone now rush out to buy the most expensive anti virus software and also the most up-to-date operating system?

How much should we be worried by this warning?


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If you are as old as you say you are
and you dont do internet banking because of your age alone
comme moi
then not at all

all the rest should be afraid - mighty afraid.

actually getting and maintaining a decent virus program shoul dbe OK
There are free anti virus packages out there if you want them.

Otherwise install Linux instead of cr*ppy windows.
i have a decent enough anti virus package, hope it works.
Run regular backups - as you should do anyway. Then the threat is minimized.

Getting into bank accounts for most high street banks required more than just a PIN and an account number so I am a little dubious about the actual threat. The article does say worse case but that is not what is actually being spread about.
thx redman
the pcw site is at least accessible...
(oops sorry redman)
How does this virus work? It seems a bit unlikely that it could "clean out your bank account" unless it tricked you into giving your account details.

Sensible people don't open unsolicited or suspicious emails anyway.

I'm not trying to downplay the threat necessarily as I don't really understand it, but articles like this strike me as unhelpful, as they often have the effect of panicking especially older people, who are then prey to bogus computer security scams which CAN do great damage
Had it been splashed across the front pages of my daily i would probably have panicked a little, but it is tucked deep inside the Daily Mirror on page 16. Does that signify the level to which we should worry?
It is a Windows Virus so will not affect my Mac. (The latest OS for Mac is free).
They were discussing it on Breakfast,this morning and in the opinion of the expert they had on as long as you keep your system updated,run a decent anti virus and don't go round opening suspicious e-mails willy-nilly most people should be ok.
So the millions i am about to win in tonight's Euromillions will be safe enough in my bank account. That's good:-)
I don't have any personal details ie.banking/paypal so I'm not too concerned. Although I would hate to lose some very old photographs of family which cannot be replaced.

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National-Crime-Agency Warns Against Powerful Computer Virus.

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