Hillsborough Wikipage Vandal Identified?

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Gromit | 14:20 Wed 21st May 2014 | News
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// A government official in Liverpool is being investigated on suspicion of creating the “sickening” Hillsborough insults posted from government computers on Wikipedia, the Telegraph can disclose.

However, investigators are now focussing on internet activity unearthed by the Telegraph and Wikipedia experts that appears to link the slurs to just one man employed by a government department in Liverpool.
Working with the online watchdog Wikipediocracy, the Telegraph has discovered evidence that links the civil servant to the “You’ll never walk again” and “You’ll never w*** alone” alterations.

Tracking a string of Wikipedia edits and social media activity over a one month period in 2012, patterns of posts have been revealed that link the vandalism to a London-born civil man living in Merseyside.

Evidence also suggest that he has made additional edits to a celebrity’s biography, as well as footballers entries and the online description of his hometown in southern England.

It is believed the same civil servant still works in a government department and has denied any involvement in the abusive edits. He has not responded to requests for comment. //

A clear breach of the Civil Service Code -instant sacking?


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Either that or instant lynching I would imagine!
I have seen civil servants being sacked for lesser transgressions so, if they can prove that this guy is guilty, they should get rid of him.

To be so stupid as to tamper with the page, a page that is about such a sensitive issue, and not consider that his crime could be tracked back to him doesn't say much for his intelligence.

I was a much more devious civil servant than that ☺☺☺
yes if he did it. I assume they have proof/evidence of this. It never ceases to amaze me how many of these trolls are too stupid to do this without getting caught.
I'd like to know what the 'evidence' is before I make judgement.
//link the vandalism to a London-born civil man//

Civil man? quite teh opposite I would have thought !

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Hillsborough Wikipage Vandal Identified?

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