Is This An Example Of A Smear Campaign...and If So, Why???

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sp1814 | 10:50 Mon 19th May 2014 | News
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Why is the Daily Mail publishing so many anti-UKIP stories?

We are often told how the so-called 'lefties' are running scared of UKIP, but why is the UK's leading right-of-centre newspaper (which seems to share so many values with UKIP) publishing so many anti-UKIP stories?

If you look at any of these stories and sort the readers' responses into top rated order, you can see that Daily Mail readers strongly support UKIP, so why on earth doesn't the Daily Mail throw it's weight behind the party.

Like I said before, UKIP policies seem broadly in line with the politics of both the Daily Mail and it's why so many anti-UKIP stories?

Isn't it like someone who loves sausage rolls, baps and bakes, campaigning against Greggs The Baker?


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For more on marking an answer as the "Best Answer", please visit our FAQ. could have something to do with the fact that most of UKIP's so-called new popularity is coming from disillusioned Tory voters !

Never forget, the most important thing to the DM and its proprietor is get a Tory government elected and to stay elected. Its not called the Tory Party in Print for nothing !

The Daily Mail is a Conservative supporting newspaper. They have always supported them and have invested lots of time and money getting close to people in the party, so they are not likely to throw that out with the bath wTer because UKiP has one pilucy which the Mail now favours.

They are also probably well aware that UKiP splitting the right wing vote will let Labour in.

What the Mail would like is for the Conservative Party to be more anti Europe like UKiP. But if UKiP do too well at the expense of the Conservative Party then there is a temptation for voters and sponsors to switch to UKiP. The Mail wants to retain the Conservatives support but move it further rightwards.
We seem to agree Gromit !
Question Author
Hmm...but what if this train isn't stopping?

What would happen if UKIP went on to show strongly at the next General Election?

Could we see a change in tactics? I remember The Sun being a pro-Labour party, up until the 80s, when it swung it's weight behind the Conservatives. I recall that being a big deal, because up until then, the paper had appealed to traditional working class readers...but it spotted a change in it's readers' demographics and aspirations and (wisely, some might say) choose to reflect that.

With such a pro-UKIP readership, isn't it possible for the same to happen to the Mail?
As the previous two posters pointed out the Daily Mail is a Tory lacky, most of UKIP's support comes from the far right of the Tories, so they won't ba k them because the more Tories defect to UKIP the worse case scenario it is for the conservatives. I can't see many disillusioned Marxists voting for them now really, can you, they're nearly all ex Tory / BNP/ EDL etc etc etc?
Question Author

I think you raise an interesting point there (about UKIP splitting the right wing vote).

Polls have been all over the place on this...and I think that only a General Election will give us the true picture (local elections! council elections and Euro elections aren't always the best weather vane for GE voting intentions).
Wise words kvalidir. If even the DM is scared of UKIP letting in a Labour government in May 2015, perhaps dave should be very worried indeed.
I agree with Gromit's summary, but I think kvalidir is wrong here...

// I can't see many disillusioned Marxists voting for them now really, can you, they're nearly all ex Tory / BNP/ EDL etc etc etc? //

..alot of their current support is also coming from disillusioned Labour voters, but my prediction is that everyone will revert to normal at the next general election, and they'll be lucky to win a single seat.
At the moment they're the perfect protest vote for people worried about the EU and immigration, and those people are spread right across the political spectrum.
At the 1975 European Referendum the Daily Mail campaigned strongly for the "Yes" (to stay in) which was the Conservative line at the time.

They were not the only ones: The Sun, Daily Mirror, Times, Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Express all campaigned to stay in. If only people had listened to the Morning Star, the only national newspaper that supported the "No" (leave Europe) campaign. has been pointed out many times before here on AB that regular Polls show that most people want to stay in the EU, not leave. Perhaps that is why all the serious Parties are cool on a vote on the issue, even the Tories, who have been torn apart by the European issue before. Remember John Major ?

But UKIP are a one-trick pony...this is there only policy, and indeed there only raison d'être, as Farage has admitted on many occasions.
Farage is an ex-Tory and most of his MEPs are.

If the Conservative Party are wounded by UKiP and that results in the Conservative Party changing from being Pro-Europe to anti-Europe, then Farage will see that as a good result. He knows that UKiP can never get the UK out of the EU, but the Conservatives can.
If the Conservatives change Policy, UKiPs job will be over and they can close the Party and urge all their supportes to vote Conservative.

If the Conservatives do badly at the General election, they will swing rightwards and probably be more like UKiP.
How come this bloke with a foreign lineage and a foreign wife is so anti foreign ?
/// most people want to stay in the EU, not leave. Perhaps that is why all the serious Parties are cool on a vote on the issue ///
Why ?
// Why ? //

Economist in the three main parties, once they get over the fact that we are making joint decisions with foreigners still come to the conclusion that the UK benfeits greatly from our membership. When they have looked at the figures they are rather keen for us to remain in the club.
if most people want to stay in, why wouldn't they want a referendum.
Because it is not an overwhelming majority that want to stay in the EU and if a vote was given the truths would come out exposing the EU for what it is.

It is not just here in the UK that people are fed up with the EU, France and the Netherlands have big movements against it.

//How come this bloke with a foreign lineage and a foreign wife is so anti foreign //

You clearly have not listened to what he says have you, instead choosing to listen to papers that are running scared of them? They are not the BNP they do NOT want all foreigners out just regulate the ones in and leave the EU.
We had a referendum and we voted to stay in.

Its only people who never accepted that result that keep wanting a rerun in the hope of a different result. If we wanted membership and voted, and the result was membership, why would we want another vote?
We were duped into it under the guise of a common market, which I think you will find many would still agree with.

What people did not vote for was mass handover of power to unelected bureaucrats in Bruxelles coupled with widespread corruption and massive bills for the UK to belong to the club.
we could do what they did in ireland

> Ireland agree to hold a second EU referendum after having already voted no in the first one
We signed away our souventy 20 years ago when parliament ratified the Maastrict Treaty. But it wasn't an easy passage.

On Thursday 22 July 1993, Labour and some Conservative Rebels managed to to defeat the government on a critical motion activating the Bill to ratify the Maastricht Treaty.

What did John Major do? The government reintroduced the motion the next day, stating that it would be a vote of confidence. This meant that John Major would call a general election if he lost. The Cowardly Tory rebels caved in and passed Maastrict.

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