British Servicemen Posing With Dead Taliban.

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anotheoldgit | 09:40 Sat 10th May 2014 | News
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Gruesome maybe, but this is an entirely different world to what most of us are accustomed to.

If you had see your comrades killed and mutilated, and your squad had finally dispatched one of the perpetrators, wouldn't you feel like giving the (result) thumbs up?

This is just one more instance of trying to turn those that have to do the dirty work on our behalf, into some kind of social workers. And those who send them out to do this work then can't wait to grab hold of a situation like this to try and prove to the rest of the world that "our troops don't behave in such a manner, and we take it very seriously if they do".



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Oh you wonderful AB armchair warriors ready to leap down the throat of Tommy Atkins.Sit back and view the scenario from a wider picture. At the time of the event an unknown number of enemy insurgents enter,through stealth,a large military complex containing men and material.The insurgents are wearing the uniforms of our allies(stolen American...
14:43 Sat 10th May 2014

AS an apologist, why dont you offer your services to Harris, Hall et al ?
after all if you look at it, they werent doing anything different to what other people do in bed at night....

Presumably when ( God Forbid ! ) when you are in a coffin,
on the same argument, you wont object to a creditor doing a selfie with you ( lucky you will be wearing make up so you will be looking your best unlike this ) perhaps waving and a caption on the internet of " well he wont be paying HIS debts !"

So i think it is something to do with respect for the dead AOG
and a taboo from the fourteenth century ( beginnings of chivalry )
But I would well be wrong

and so you know - you could be RIGHT !
This post is solely written in view of stimulating conversation, so please dont go screaming again to the ed...

and then we could flood the internet with amusing viddies of squaddies working the jaws of dead taliban...saying things like...
" Buy a girl here ! Cheap Nigerians just in cards taken..."

Indeed a very interesting point for discussion - well done

You seem to change your tune according to the weather AOG!

Oh dear Baldric I wouldn't bander about you experience gained in the Royal Marines a alongside the ability of dealing with prisoners, look what happened in Afghanistan?
(12:20 Thu 01st May 2014)
The base had just been attacked by these terrorists and the squaddies friends killed - so taking photos of their attackers dead was not in good taste - but just that - not in good taste.
They volunteered for the job, they did not have to.

There are clear rules which some seem to have breached.

The majority do their job well, but there will always be a few who don't. Those unable to do the job properly should be removed. Those that break the law should be prosecuted. Putting on a uniform does not exempt you from the law.

The dear old boys idea is to stimulate discussion Balders.

I am not surprised that you are challenged by the idea of - why dont we mutilate the dead ?

-- answer removed --

The dear old boys idea is to stimulate discussion, And to score as many imaginary 'points' as he can along the way,
and to hell with keeping the Thread on line!
Question Author
Peter Pedant

Er???? What was all that about, did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?
Rules for some gromit (our servicemen) and not others it appears - What rules have they breached - that the enemy have not? or is it just one sided. I have no time for the saying "don't do as they do, you are better than that" when your opponents are hell bent on killing you.
My opinion is that so long as the foe is not being humiliated or abused (and not wishing to argue whether one can do that to someone who is dead, it's about basic respect for another human being) then the taking of a photo as a memory of the time you won through, is not so bad. However I expect it is difficult to draw a line and would be seen as approving of a sort of anything goes attitude if the forces didn't clamp down on it all. The pictures I've see I have no issue with. Just a happy relief at coming out on top and being the one to live another day. More slapped wrist stuff than anything.
Is there any difference between this and a photographer taking a picture of dead bodies for publishing in newspapers?
Question Author

/// You seem to change your tune according to the weather AOG! //

Not in the least this was my post at that time:

Almost the same sentiments.

///"We have a zero-tolerance policy on the mistreatment of deceased enemy personnel"/// and rightly so, there is no sign of mistreatment in the photo' only a man showing relief that he'd survived an attack and one of the guys trying to kill him had not, and the same applies to the other picture 'described' in the article.
Had the Taliban won that particular skirmish would the body of one of our Soldiers look as intact as the dead Taliban fighter appears to be, I wonder?

Great link AOG
// Peter Pedant Er???? What was all that about, did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning? //

it was a reflection on what could be your new acceptable craze of selfies with dead bodies, and suggesting ways forward to expand

And here we go, Off Topic already.
Well done AOG!
Question Author

/// Those unable to do the job properly should be removed. ///

Seems like these chaps have done their job admirably.
And when the Taleban pose next to a dead British Serviceman with a stupid grin, you are the first to complain.
Question Author

It is easy for you accuse others of venturing 'Off Topic', since you yourself are a present and also past master of that art.

And please don't take that as a compliment.

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British Servicemen Posing With Dead Taliban.

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