The Queen's Workload

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sp1814 | 15:52 Fri 09th May 2014 | News
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The Queen will not be attending part of installation ceremony for knights of the Order of the Bath at Westminster Abbey because of the steep steps she would have to negotiate:

In the story above, there's the following passage:

"Buckingham Palace announced two years ago that the Queen was giving up long-haul travel as a concession to her age, but otherwise the Palace has repeatedly insisted the Queen is not scaling back her workload."

I'm no royalist and neither am I an anti-royalist. To me, the royal family are a bit like McVities Digestives. I don't find them particularly exciting, but I really wouldn't be happy to see them go.

But I'm thinking...why should an 88 year old woman carry on with duties that she performed when she was a 44 year old woman?

It might be her choice, but at the end of the day, if it were your grandmother, wouldn't you say, "No Liz...enough. Put your feet up, and watch the races."


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Sometimes, keeping active and getting around a bit is what keeps elderly people going.
yes I would and let phil do the same. let the other lazy family members do some work.
She doesn't want to lumber a doddery OAP with the job.
And watch Charles trash it ?
Perhaps she KNOWS something about Charles that we only suspect.
I think she wants to carry on, bless her. Dedicated is the word that springs to mind.
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from her point of view, it's not a job, it's something you're born into and die with, which is why I don't see her abdicating any time.

I don't see her spending the rest of her days knocking back G&Ts like her mother and pottering in the garden; if she wants to work, let her.
She has plenty of children and grandchildren to take over all of her more taxing duties, so why shouldn't she put her feet once in a while ?

I am a republican but I accord Betty great respect. Nobody has given greater service to her country in the last 60 years. But there is a simple answer to this problem, which isn't going to go away and will only get more acute as times goes on.

She should abdicate in favour of Charles. Its as simple as that. Charles is a more relaxed chap these days and appears to be happy with his new wife. As the Sovereignty is mainly a ceremonial duty, and we don't have a choice in who is on the throne, let her have a nice quite and restful last few years.
I know how she feels - and rightly so - but Charlie boy on the throne (with Camilla), my worse nightmare for the monarchy.
Brenden...why ? What difference does it make who is on the throne ?

And why is Camilla is of such horror for you ? Its Charles's wife.
I bet she is sick of hearing 'that' tune.
The Queen will never abdicate. She's made a lifetime commitment and she will fulfil it.
Charles will have to wait a lot longer i think.
Fail to see how calling Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth by the name Betty is showing any respect
an adulterer and adulteress, great idea for a head of state. even if the marriage to Diana was more political than a grand passion, he shouldn't have continued his affair with Camilla.
Diana was just used as a "Brood Mare", and she always said Charles was not suitable as a future monarch. { or Price Tampax as some folk still refer to him as}
I am the same age, nearly, and have just given in, because of a 'mini-stroke' which I must admit was very frightening, and started to employ a cleaning lady. I know this is not quite on the same scale but I think you can compare the two in terms of her scaling down her workload. I still do the easy things and only have her for one hour a week.
I agree with Naomi (and others). She's doing what she was born to do and will see no reason to abdicate while she's of sound mind and body. I'd challenge anyone to name someone more dedicated to their life path, furthermore to say they'd want to be in her shoes with her 'lazy' family.
The Queen was born into the role and studied it well. When she took up her reign she did so with the same honour and duty that she showed from day one in her marriage.

Her commitment to her office, people and the Common Wealth is beyond reproach, imo. I do not foresee any abdication, that would be the last thing in her mind. Yes, I am a royalist and could not respect a monarch more.

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The Queen's Workload

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