Euracism, Euracist

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Orderlimit | 12:01 Tue 29th Apr 2014 | News
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Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running 'racist' campaign
Aggressive move accusing Nigel Farage's party of 'Euracism' comes as study puts anti-EU vote in Europe at 30%

The campaign is led by the former Labour immigration minister Barbara Roche, who claimed: "Ukip's campaign needs to be exposed for what it is, a racist campaign. The party is practising what is in effect a form of 'Euracism'

Is this a new word?


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Let's get this straight once again '' I am NOT European I am British & very glad to be so, I object very strongly to be told what I can & cannot do by a bunch of jumped up unelected so called politicians who DO NOT represent me when new rules & laws are passed by a fairy tale European Parliament.
16:07 Tue 29th Apr 2014
The main parties really are panicking. Usual name calling against anyone who dare question current immigration policies. I hope this encourages even more to vote for UKIP.
seems like it, doesn't mean anything, racism against Europe, Europeans, what exactly
I think that Roche is right, but I expect that more people may support UKIP as a result. Counterintuitive I know, but entirely possible. Its doesn't seem to matter how many times UKIP are caught out with its collective feet in its mouth. I wonder if any of the three main parties would gain support this way by undecided voters, if these gaffs had happened to them ?
To answer your last question Orderlimit...yes it is a new word !
Such a lot of mud slinging by the people who are in fear of UKIP, the people will decide and hopefully the majority of people in the UK will earn this new fangled label of Euracism.
Absolutely no surprise here. The left, when cornered with no argument will always name call and attempt if at all possible to insinuate Racism.

To insinuate those that are against a Unite States of Federal Europe are racists is ridiculous.

She will only add fuel to Farages campaign.

The two main parties are simply not listening to what people are saying. The main reason can only be that they want to get on the Gravy train.

No doubt we will see more and more censorship on anything anti EU, including on here.
New to me. But how can UKIP be Euracist when we are European. Clutching at straws and yet another debasement of the language.
We are not European and those on the continent dont think we are European.
We are "little islanders" as far as the EU is concerned - suits me.
I think we have hit on the nub of the problem here. There are certain people that think we are not European, when we are in fact part of that continent, despite a thin strip of salt water between us and the mainland. Little Englanders, or Britons more accurately.
roughly translated... make the nasty man go away, we no like!
There is a difference between being patriotic and being racist.

However, sometimes that difference seems very small ...
Question Author
Thanks Mikey, thought it must be a new word being as it ends 'ism'.

All this name calling is getting very desperate and doesn't appear to be working.
//There are certain people that think we are not European//

Yes, they live in Belguim, Germany and France.

I have spent a lot of time working there and have been personally told this in all three countries. And yes before some wag says it - different people.
The anti-UKIP lobby is just scared.
New words are handy when grabbing at straws to denigrate the opposition.

Let's play the Euracism card. See if it fools anyone.
It matters not though.

If, and it is a big if given the current crowd in Westminster, there was an election the Eurocrats would insist on elections until they got the right answer.

As we have seen before.

That is EU democracy - Do as I say not as I do.
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"The left, when cornered with no argument will always name call and attempt if at all possible to insinuate Racism"

Yea, this seems a common trait of the left. Is this disorder Leftyism, or is there some other name for it?.

Can I remind everybody that this is a cross-party group, not just Labour.
Isn't everybody against racism, even in the Tory party ?
I love hearing Nigel Farage speak in the EU parliament, he seems to be the only one who tells it as it is - and unlike many other of our MP's speaks out for the UK - and by golly don't we need it.

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Euracism, Euracist

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