Euracism, Euracist

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Orderlimit | 12:01 Tue 29th Apr 2014 | News
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Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running 'racist' campaign
Aggressive move accusing Nigel Farage's party of 'Euracism' comes as study puts anti-EU vote in Europe at 30%

The campaign is led by the former Labour immigration minister Barbara Roche, who claimed: "Ukip's campaign needs to be exposed for what it is, a racist campaign. The party is practising what is in effect a form of 'Euracism'

Is this a new word?


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Let's get this straight once again '' I am NOT European I am British & very glad to be so, I object very strongly to be told what I can & cannot do by a bunch of jumped up unelected so called politicians who DO NOT represent me when new rules & laws are passed by a fairy tale European Parliament.
16:07 Tue 29th Apr 2014
Mickey, I never said that soon we will be the minority, I actually said in the "not so soon" future - quite the opposite. I really don't know if Ukip has accepted the support of Le Penn and BNF please enlighten me, or is it a case that the likes of these people jump on the bandwagon having not been invited.
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I have just had a quick search on the google search thingy and results show lots of Labour politicians have made racist tweets / comments etc, Dianne Abbott appears a lot. Also, it seems Labour are 'institutionally criminal' looking at the amount of them sent to prison and the rest of their expenses scandals, so their worn out criticism of others may not be justified.

Your post timed 21:34, goes off on one :) , is that whats known as the Straw Man argument or have I misunderstood this term?.
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Sorry, the question re The Straw Man argument was ref the comment "like The Man in the Pub...".

Also, is there a term used for an irrational fear of democracy, or is it just democracyphobia ?. :)

I've asked this before to no avail - but just who is 'the man in the pub'?
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I take it he means Mr Farage, but millions of 'ordinary' people go to pubs so perhaps its a good thing.
Hmmm, if UKIP wins the election, I wonder which of the 'fruitcakes' will be made Chancellor of the Exchequer, and which fruitcake will be Foreign Secretary. And which 'nutter' will be in charge of the Home Office? The mind boggles. Well mine does anyway.
Orderlimit, thanks. I wonder why he doesn't just call him Mr Farage then? All very confusing.
Ladybird - don't think he has a chance of winning a general election.
LB, they won't win any general election, however may do well in the up coming election. As to the man in the pub, fer heavens sake, who is it, i would like to meet him, and get his views on life
For the record Brenden and em, I don't think they will either. I was just amusing myself:-)
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"..All very confusing"

It certainly is. What I find confusing is the intolerant people who use juvenile insults when referring to UKip, are usually the one's that constantly call others bigots and so on.

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Euracism, Euracist

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