Do Ukip Only Employ Immigrant Actors?

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Gromit | 20:44 Fri 25th Apr 2014 | News
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Oh dear its happened again. After all the comment about Farage employing his German wife, and then the racist Zimbabwean who appeared in their party political broadcast, it tirns out that the destitute builder begging in their latest poster is actually a Dubliner...

// Nigel Farage faces embarrassment over his plans to radically curb migration from Europe after it emerged an actor in a Ukip billboard is an Irish immigrant.
The apparently destitute builder in the party’s latest advert is believed by party officials to be a Dubliner named Dave O’Rourke, a Ukip spokesman confirmed. //

Do these Irishmen and Zimabweans not have an accent? As UKiP wants to cut immigration, should they not ask people to bring their passports to casting of filming sessions to make sure they are employing British people.

These gaffes just make them a laughing stock and are avoidable. The conclusion is that they either are serially incompetent, or they don't practice what they preach.

Do you agree that these errors are damaging UKiPs message?


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I'm assuming it's because UKIP are always banging on about Europeans 'coming over here and takin' our jobs' Scooping, that's all. It's not about them using actors, but their double standards and untruthfulness in portrayal.
/// Do Ukip Only Employ Immigrant Actors? ///

If it is true then I bet Lenny Henry will be voting for them?

Why would Lenny Henry vote for them?

He's not an immigrant.

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Do Ukip Only Employ Immigrant Actors?

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