The Guardian Wins The Pulitzer Prize

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Gromit | 08:02 Tue 15th Apr 2014 | News
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Yes. It was great journalism but I wonder did Snowden fully consider the consequences for himself?
Yes in the USA because of their coverage on NSA surveillance.

A one trick pony springs to mind.

/// Pair awarded highest accolade in US journalism, winning Pulitzer prize for public service for stories on NSA surveillance ///

/// 2012 Paper lands eight awards, including newspaper of the year, campaign of the year and hat-trick for Craig Brown ///
very good, you only had to go bck to 2012 for that, aog
Question Author

You'll never guess who won the 2014 Newspaper of the year....
No, I dont think so. One story, which is dubious anyway.

I always think these back patting exercises are a bit strange anyway, no matter who wins them.
If the Guardian is so good, why are there always piles left and it is given away free and peolpe still wont have it?

If you are of left liberal persuasion, then I am sure it is good. But that is a very small minority of the population, the rest of us just use it for emergency bog paper.
in what way //dubious//?
I hate to crash this liberal pow wow, the highest accolade in US Journalism! PMSL that's like having the highest accolade in Icelandic Tiddlywinks! Normally you lefty types take the P155 out of US "Journalism", now it's ok is it? right oh! (No offence to any Icelandic Winkers out there!)

I noticed that The Guardian/Observer won newspaper and website of the year at British press awards a few days ago.

It seems to be 'upping it's game' in the battle with The Independent.

Over the past year, I've found myself turning more and more to The Guardian for in depth news analysis over and above The Independent...which is still a very good read.

Plus The Guardian's Technology page is the best (IMO) of any national daily website.

It also won Newspaper of the Year at the *British* Press Awards.
Question Author
I have never liked the Guardian Newspaper. But a British newspaper winning the Pulitzer prize is extremely rare. As usual, the people who hate any British success are quick to belittle this accolade.
does anyone think governments need to keep some things secret? or would you say everything is fair game and they shouldn't have/need secrets. I'm a bit torn between the two.
if everything is out in the open, then our enemies won't have far to look at ways to hurt us.
do yuo think you should be allowed to have secrets. Svejk?

Americans think they should. They think their governemnt is elected to run the country, not spy on its citizens. For some reason the British love being spied on; it must make them feel important.
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Svejk / emmie

People accept and in fact expect our security Services to eavesdrop on terrorists and our enemies. It is important they do that, and that they keep that data secure.

In this case, they stole information from me (and you) and then they did not keep it secure and I learned my data had been stolen from reading a newspaper. I am not a terrorist (and I doubt you are).

Of course they tell us they are mining all this information to avert terrorism, but we only have their word for that (no proof) and Governments are notorious for lying which is why the archives are shut for 30 years.
the British don't like being spied on, what makes you think they do.
some don't care about cctv, however many do.
if spies are named, then goodbye, because they will be taken out either by the either or by our security people, because they will be no use thereafter.
that should read taken out by the enemy, or off the books from our security service.

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The Guardian Wins The Pulitzer Prize

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