Warning A Very Macabre Story.

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anotheoldgit | 13:57 Mon 14th Apr 2014 | News
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Most strange I wonder why he was up the tree in the first place, and for that chap to find some bones at the base of the tree and to take therm home without informing the police?


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i watched this on the news last week, and wondered at how the person got up there, most strange
I would guess he has had too much to drink, climbed up the tree, passed out, ans succomed to the cold.

If you think how many times any of us look up when walking about, it's perfectly feasible that the body has remained there until its decomposition and breakup has drawn attention to it.

As to the 'bone collector', there are plenty of weird people in the world, this is just one more.
my hubby thought he coul.d have fell off a plane.
would think falling from a plane more likely than climbing up a 40ft tree.
A plane is unlikely given that he was last seen alive in Bournemouth though.
bizarre story nonetheless, can't see anyone climbing up that tree, 40ft is pretty high, even in the state of drunkenness

Was it a plane tree, they're quite tall?
Leave aside your questions aog, although they are both questions I'd ask and struggle to answer, what I find most distasteful is that people carried on playing golf while all this was going on. I think that is really poor. No respect.
no birdies or eagles, just manhole....
Seajay, the Police took the decision to allow the Course to remain open in the time it took to search for more evidence.

Ratter, I think it's been on here in the last few months, can't find the link at the moment though!

Oops! wrong thread.........doh!
Take my dog up there sometimes.

damn, could have saved on bones from the butcher.
youngmafbog - bad taste.
tambourine - you too.
I think he climbed up and hanged himself myself - from my Manchester vantage point - altho I did live in Darzet once.
Good to see the golfers not put off their long shots.

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Warning A Very Macabre Story.

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