Why Should Certain Things Be Allowed, Just Because Officials Are Too Frightened Of Being Dubbed Racist/anti-Islamic?

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anotheoldgit | 14:47 Thu 03rd Apr 2014 | News
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Birmingham's Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said:

/// 'These are state schools, not Islamic. I am very concerned at the way non-Muslim staff have been dealt with and the effect on the children,' he added. ///

/// He suggested that education officials had previously steered clear of getting involved in disputes with Muslim schools for fear of being dubbed racist. ///

/// 'Council officers were in a difficult position where they either went along with it or were portrayed as anti-Islamic,' Mr Mahmood said. ///

Doesn't seem too difficult to me, do the job you are paid to do, regardless of the name calling.


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Surely it's difficult to do ANY job if you are being name-called? - that's why we have bullying and harassment policies in the workplace. What they were saying on the radio this morning is that these schools are in an area where the pupils are 80% Muslim anyway, the head teachers have been very racially and religiously aware - this now seems to be the subversives at work.
Close these 'Hate' Schools down as they have no place in our society, or any other society for that matter.
Children should be taught to read and write and to respect their fellow human beings
It would appear that certain groups have been given an inch, again.
if 90% of the pupils are from a particular background (which they are in this case), why shouldn't the school adhere to the cultural practices with which the school population feels most comfortable? As a de-facto business, they're only complying with the wishes of their customers.
Just do what is necessary and if they get accused of racism, so what? Does it really matter? Why are people so frightened of a word? I can think of worse things to be called.
It's about time they were teaching "Comparative Religion" when the children first go to school. No-one could complain then about racism and the children may even become more tolerant of other peoples views.
Personally I'd make all religion illegal in all schools, root of all evil such that is. When Kids are over 18 if they want to join some loony tunes group then that's up to them. Religion has no place in an education establishment beyond the study of it's futility.
//Religion has no place in an education establishment//

I posted a thread about this a day or two back, and said something similar.
tend to agree, cut all religion from schools, that way no ones gets treated differently, teach the curriculum and be done with it.
I do agree with your posts, but, we are an indigenous white, Christian country this is our culture which is being diluted every day of the week and other religions and cultures taking over.
we were, not any more. ^
Oh emmie, it is so sad for this country, a lot of immigrants come here for a better life and then try to make it the same as the one they left, when will the powers that be finally wake up and smell the coffee.
Brenden, i guess the powers that be say the same about the British abroad, that we inhabit places and make them our little corner of England, Britain isn't Tuscany known as Chiantishire, or some such nonsense. The difference is that generally our folk go to live in Spain, France when they retire, taking their little pension pot with them, selling their worldly goods here presumably, the same cannot be said for many landing on our shores. We shouldn't be doing the following, keeping foreign criminals in the country once they have finished their sentence, it should be a boot out the door, forget the nonsense of family life, take them too.
then the terror lunatics, post nonsense on websites, preach your hatred, they don't get a second chance, jail, then go home to whichever hole they come from, if British born tell them one further rant about how bad Britain is and what they are going to do, back to jail. I can't countenance any of these people, if they don't like it go to somewhere they do.
if you want to wear a burkha, veil in a court, make it illegal, bend over backwards to accommodate people and they will stick two fingers up at you
Absolutely emmie give them an inch and they take a mile - and we let them do it. Shame on the powers that be.
Brenden, i fear its way too late. We are considered dinosaurs, and we know what happened to them

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Why Should Certain Things Be Allowed, Just Because Officials Are Too Frightened Of Being Dubbed Racist/anti-Islamic?

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