Farage Brands Hamilton 'backroom Boy' At Ukip Conference

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anotheoldgit | 13:38 Sat 01st Mar 2014 | News
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Was this BBC headline more in keeping with the tabloid press than our supposedly impartial National Broadcaster?

BBC Newsnight's Zoe Conway also took Nigel's Farage's "back room boy" remark regarding Neil Hamilton completely out of context and continued even to get Neil Hamilton's attention drawn to it.

This kind of reporting is just the BBC attacking UKIP personalities instead of reporting on the real issues on immigration etc, that were outlined at the conference.


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In what sense is a campaign manager not one of the backroom boys? What is the context that you say it should be read in, whereby he is not a backroom boy?
The fact that Farage would accept help from the likes of Hamilton speaks will be Jeffrey Archer next !
i don't really understand is backroom boy some sort of insult? does it have some sort of urban meaning i'm not understanding?
re: personalities i suspect that most people have already formed their opinion about Farage, and having attention called to what he said isn't going to change opinions, or are people this shallow?
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/// In what sense is a campaign manager not one of the back room boys? ///

Exactly, of course he is a 'back room boy' but the BBC's reporter tried to make out to Neil Hamilton that Nigel Farages was in some way trying to reduce his status in the party, by her continuously harping on the matter.

/// What is the context that you say it should be read in, whereby he is not a backroom boy? ///

It was not I who was questioning the matter, Nigel Farage can call him what he likes and as long as Neal Hamilton doesn't find it personally offensive then it is nothing to do with the BBC, or anyone else if it comes to that.
I did not see the particular report in question; but part of the reason there might have been an emphasis on Hamiltons role as a strategist rather than a candidate might be to do with the fact that, when Hamilton first joined UKip he was high on UKips prospective candidate list, along with his wife.

It might have nothing to do with it, of course, but UKip have had some embarassments amongst their elected representatives recently, making all sorts of frankly rather bizzare comments, and Farage is feeling the heat, so it may well be that Hamilton, with all of his embarassing baggage in tow, was no longer deemed suitable to be a candidate.
LG...I would have thought that with all the recent negative and damaging publicity that UKIP has been responsible for, the last thing Farage needs is Hamilton. He is trying, bless him, to present UKIP in the Sensible Political Party mode but its almost like out of frying pan and into the fire. As I have said on here before, I kind of feel sorry for Farage, as leading UKIP must be akin to herding cats.
backroom boy is not some sexual innuendo, its means staff, behind the scenes, strange

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Farage Brands Hamilton 'backroom Boy' At Ukip Conference

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