Questioning terror suspects

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stoo_pid | 13:44 Mon 08th Aug 2005 | News
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Now that the alleged bombers have been remanded in custody and will not appear in court again until 14 Nov, how often & for how long can the police continue to question these men about the bombings?


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according to the BBC they can't be questioned any further

Sorry I meant to add the quote

"At present a suspect cannot be questioned after charge - hence the police's concern that, in terrorist cases, their hands are tied by the 14-day limit on questioning before charge or release. "

Frankie is correct - questioning has to stop when they are charged.  There are 2 exceptions

If the officer wishes to bring to the accused's attention a statement made by someone else, he can hand him a copy but cannot say or do anything to invite a comment.  He can of course record any spontaneous comment that is made (it usually has eight letters and begins with b).

Questions may be put if necessary for the purpose of preventing or minimising harm or loss to some other person or to the public or to clear up an ambiguity in a previous answer or statement, or where fresh information has come to light the accused can be given the opportunity to comment in order to be fair to him.

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Questioning terror suspects

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