Farage In Favour Of Lifting Handgun Ban !

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mikey4444 | 09:15 Sun 26th Jan 2014 | News
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Incredible but true ! :::

Farage and his Party are rapidly losing their grip with there anybody left that thinks giving this bally shower their vote is a good idea ?


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Why should we be re-writing our gun laws just to satisfy a team of British pistol-shooting olympians? Are we really that bothered if we were to field a team at all in this sport? When Farage speaks, they praise him for his plain speaking and bluntness, which often distracts from some of the - sometimes unpleasant - nonsense he and UKip espouse. How anyone can...
19:49 Sun 26th Jan 2014
yes if it were to keep the two Ed;s off the stage, however that won't happen, so doubt it i would be casting my vote their way. As to handguns, it seems they can be got whether licensed or not, under lock and key, hardly.
The handgun ban was ill considered IMO but I doubt it'll help many people make up their minds about whether they'll vote for him or not.
I don’t find it incredible at all. He’s right. It’s potty that our Olympics team has to go to France to practise. Gun-toting criminals don’t apply for licenses.
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I am interested why you think the handgun ban was "ill considered " Rocky...please elucidate !
It was a knee jerk reaction to the Dunblane tragedy. The guns are not the problem the people using them are, anyone that has them legally don't go around killing people, on the other hand people that hold them illegal may well do so. Guess which group still has handguns. And, I totally agree with Noami about our national team having to train abroad, nuts!
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Naomi...Leaving aside the minute amount of people in our Olympics Team who are inconvenienced, do you think we are safer now, or before the ban came in ?

Also, do you think we should go down the same road as our American cousins, where millions of handguns are lying around in kitchen drawers ?

Lastly, do you think that the general public in Britain will think better of Farage after his pronouncement ?
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Rocky...may I be allowed to point the rather obvious error in your post of 09:44. Both Thomas Hamilton in Dunblane and Michael Ryan in Hungerford held their weapons completely legally. Had you forgotten that perhaps ?
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Scrivens ...?
No I hadn't actually, but that is the fault of the licensing authority, if my memory serves me correctly wasn't there an investigation around his suitability to have a license. But no matter, my opinion stays the same, and no I don't think I'd say that I feel safer now, gun crime is rife.
Mikey, If someone wants a gun they’ll get one. I didn’t suggest we go down the same route as the Americans, but if rather than attempting to use his pronouncement to score political points the British public think about it honestly, they might – just might - see the logic in it.
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You may be right naomi...Some people may think bringing back handguns into general ownership is a good idea. But I can't see that there will be many people thinking that way. But whatever we think about it, Farage can hardly of done himself and his Party any favours by this pronouncement.

Rocky. If you hadn't forgotten Hamilton and Ryan, why did you post
" anyone that has them legally don't go around killing people " ?
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Naomi...there is no logic to think of ! I always use logic and rational when posting on AB, even though it is a rare commodity.

Pre-Dunblane and Hungerford...Criminal and licenced people could own handguns.
Post-Dunblane and Hungerford...only criminal can have guns.

What isn't logical about that ?
Only criminals can have guns.....
Utter cobblers.
Just another piece of anti-UKIP rubbish meted out by those who are getting rather worried about the rise in UKIP's popularity.

/// It's really interesting that since Blair brought that piece of law in, gun crime doubled in the next five years in this country." ///

This is how extremely concerned Labour is over this.

/// Ian Mearns, Labour MP for Gateshead, said the comments were an example of "how extremely dangerous Ukip are". ///

/// "Families facing a cost-of-living crisis will find it bizarre that one of Nigel Farage's priorities would be to relax Britain's tough gun controls," he added. ///

Where does it say that UKIP puts the relaxation of the present gun laws before those concerns the public have on the cost of living?

Interesting that although I have searched, I can find no evidence on how Farage was steered down the path on Gun Laws.

There is a misunderstanding about what our gun laws are for

They are not really designed to stop criminals getting guns they always will - it may make it harder but that's not really the point.

Look at all the drunken domestics - violence at pubs - now think about it with handguns being as available as they are in the US

The restrictions first came in after Hungerford and ended with Dunblaine - hardly a knee jerk reaction.

You can argue the point about single shot competition weapons but apart from that a hand gun has one use only - to kill another human

If you own one the conclusion must be that you're preparing to be ready to do so - and that's not acceptable
Do you want to have a handgun, rocky? Who does? At present, anyone criminal and adult who has one gets a minimum 5 years' jail, just for that. Is that a bad thing? Mr Farage thinks that anyone 'responsible' who will keep the weapon in a cabinet should be entitled to a handgun, as of right. That's very trusting of him. A handgun has no practical use for the ordinary citizen, unlike a shotgun or rifle, both of which can be used in hunting and vermin control. Relaxing the law as proposed would increase the number of handguns available generally and in a domestic situation, neither of which is to be encouraged.
The UK Olympians can practise in Ulster where handguns are legal still.
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Jake and fred...voices of reason at last ! Common sense pervails !
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Or rather prevails !

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Farage In Favour Of Lifting Handgun Ban !

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