Ukip Or Monster Raving Looney

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jake-the-peg | 14:06 Thu 23rd Jan 2014 | News
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Great quiz 16 policies and you have to guess whichj is a UKIP policy and which comes from the monster raving looney party

I only got 8/16! that's no better than blind luck!


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5 out of 16. Oh dear. Just loving the UKIP policy to paint trains in traditional colours. More evidence of them wanting to turn Britain back to 1940s
UKIP appear to have outsourced their transport policy to the world’s biggest railway enthusiast. And they’re really angry about the colour of trains: “The unseemly haste with which National Express destroyed the quality GNER brand by painting out its heraldry on service trains standing at rail stations was a disgrace. As with the iconic red bus in London, so the Government should insist on a modernised form of traditional branding - chocolate and cream for Great Western, scarlet red for Midland, Apple Green for the East Coast. These are icons of Britishness.
My result :-

"You got 7 out of 16 right!
You are a complete and utter monster raving loony.
You really can’t tell the difference between UKIP and Monster Raving Loony Party policies. That’s quite worrying, isn’t it? You probably need to have a long, hard think about what this means."
Question Author
Come on Bazz

Fess up what did you score?
There is a question mark missing if this is a question, apart from that, this belongs in the Quizzes & Puzzles section.
"You got 11 out of 16 right!"
oh pooh

You got 5 out of 16 right!

You are a complete and utter monster raving loony.
10 out of 16 but to be honest the questions they have picked are vague and probably could be done for any party. I guessed too be honest.

Still, it appears to keep the small minds of the left happy so cant all be bad.
what you actually thought I bothered to read it !?
6 out of 16 for me!
I got 6 UKIP policies right. Shame, because ,over the years, MRLP policies have made sense.
I got 9 right. It's rather sad to see Screaming Lord Sutch's party drifting towards sensible policies.
MRLP have sadly been forced from the Loony fringe by the Farageists
the MRLP were so much loonies as ahead fo their time. Their policies included votes for 18-year-olds, all-day pub opening, and passports for pets.
*not* so much loonies...
apparently i am now a man, Godfrey Bloom, oh goody, now i can say what i truly want
Of course we didn't expect you to read it baz -- to think that you might associate yourself with any argument that takes a point to an irrational extreme and parodies the position of opponents in a ludicrous fashion, using emotional hyperbole as the basis of the position rather than reasoned analysis...

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Ukip Or Monster Raving Looney

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