David Much Longer?

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kloofnek | 16:23 Thu 09th Jan 2014 | News
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How much longer has David Cameron got to finish his term?


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next election 2015, so a while, unless he holds a general election before, can't see that happening, but if he did he could lose, and be out on his bum
Question Author
My friend and I were talking about him...not nice!!!
And we just just wondered how much longer do we have to put up with him and his nasty government
Ha! Too bloody long!

Don't worry though, there'll be a new government in 2015, who will be equally as *** as Clegg and Cameron.

so you think they are nasty, oh dear, what do you want more spend spend spend from the Labour bods, with no way to pay for it.
Hi Emmie,

I thought they'd fixed the parliament length to 5(?) years? I.e. he can't call a general election before the time is up?
Spend spend spend eh ?

Yes, it was wrong for the Labour Government to bail out the banks, we should have been left to go the same way as Iceland, Greece, etc.

About 24 hours after he loses the next Election in May 2015. Then Boris will be in Number Ten, measuring up for new curtains.
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I am not really into politics,but from what I read or see on tv,they are making the poorer peoples lives a misery...I honestly don`t know how he sleeps nights.Surely there is another way to recuperate money ...let us start with him...he hasn`t had to make any sacrifices from the looks of things
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I thought it was 5 years too..
i wasn't 100 percent, but can;t see this happening.

The next United Kingdom general election will be the election to the 56th parliament of the United Kingdom. The terms of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 mandate that the election will be held on 7 May 2015 (except in the event of a collapse of government or a two-thirds majority of MPs voting for an early election
Do you mind if I move this to "News" or "politics" Kloofnek?
Far too long!!!!!
Oh but don't forget kloofnek, 'we are all in this together' so he says !!!
Question Author
No not at all,I was not sure where to post it
if we have Labour in next go, who will bet on Milliband being the leader, weak and ineffectual, or bulldog Balls being his sidekick,
Question Author
Does he not mean...all the rich are altogether..very clique!!!
Can't be any worse than the two morons we have now !
we have a very fickle electorate, and many who were staunch Labour have been the ones seriously affected by the many changes that they put in place last time around, if they get in wait for more boom and bust.
in truth it's not really about individuals, its about running the country, and its not just Cameron, but a whole raft of people in the sidings. We have seen some economic growth, if this continues will people in the know want to jeopardise that by putting in Labour, i really wonder....

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David Much Longer?

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