Mandela Memorial: From Bad To Worse?

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ChillDoubt | 12:53 Thu 12th Dec 2013 | News
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With yesterday's news that Archbishop Tutu's house was burgled whilst he was in attendance at the service, we now have more news regarding the signing 'interpreter':


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There are words like 'croneyism' being bandied about in connection with the administration who followed on from Mandela, Mbeki etc. It's tempting to believe that the guy got the gig because he was a 'friend of a friend' of someone in charge of organising the event and, as a consequence, they skipped some small details like... competency testing security...
13:40 Thu 12th Dec 2013
"would not be affected" ^
Bedknobs - The deaf complain and nothing is done about it

Think Joey Barlow speaking in French as an interpreter
and so ee starts speeking lark a funeral
The bereaved have every right to be insulted and humiliated

IN the excerpt - the SASL sign for former president - involves a diagonal sash - wh we use for 'royal' also 'puritan' and the fella is literally waving his arms around - since it is a list former president X former president Y,
the same signs should be repeated....

I think he is doing his own directional sign for luurve coming out of NM's heart and going out to the world - this composite sign is used over and over again.

Mandela has his own sign name ( BSL it is just N - M ) flat B sign and then a line across the head - and this is never used...

There are no facial expressions. I did wonder why he looked stage left during some of his signs....

During the Papal election - the Italian interpreter didnt know the Lords Prayer and this was extensively used to ridicule the Beeb.

humiliating charade....

Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu made it worse by her saying she thought he was signing in Xhosa...
I agree with Bednobs having read her pensays

it doesnt matter if a violent schizophrenic (he said so himself) sees angels and "signs" right next to the President of the United States.

Only in America - only it wasnt America....
It turns out there was also a guy mooning behind Obama. It wasn't a problem if you didn't see it though.
And Sky News is now reporting that this man 'interpreting' at ANC events has been the subject of complaint from deaf South Africans before. There are competent deaf interpreters there; one news programme showed a white woman interpreting, during the broadcast, for one of the South African broadcasters. Her performance was rather different from this man's. If she turns out to be unique, it is just possible that the ANC would rather have someone who isn't white, regardless of any favouritism, in the circumstances.

Question Time has a lot about the boo ing during the service

are you sure he wasnt mourning ... behind Obama ?

anyway there is nothing on U tube ... yet
// Does anyone think he was experiencing hallucinations in some schizophrenic episode? //

I doubt it fred. 'I can sign, I've just got a stammer' would be a more convincing excuse.

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Mandela Memorial: From Bad To Worse?

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