More Amnesty?

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jake-the-peg | 12:10 Thu 21st Nov 2013 | News
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Do the people who oppose an Amnesty in Northern Ireland think these people should be granted Amnesty?


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I'm having difficulty grasping why it might be that those who oppose all amnesties in NI would seek to make an exception in this case.

Perhaps you can explain this to me?
Surely an amnesty can only come after a conviction?
All or none Jake, as I said on your other thread. If we are somehow legally ring fencing the troubles and I'm not sure we should, then that should include all the protagonists.
If they broke the law, then no.
No sandy, amnesty means to pardon an illegal act not related to conviction. Eg remember the knife/gun amnesty?
there should be a comma between "act" and "not" above.
They're still looking for Nazi WWII criminals, why should NI criminals be granted an amnesty?
No - if the law is not consistent, then it becomes meaningless.

It is human nature for people to seek reasons and excuses why they should be exempt from a punishment - anything from speeding fines to murder.

Forunately, the law is not made with human nature in mind.

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More Amnesty?

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