I Bet That Stung - David Dimbleby Gets A Scorpion Tattoo

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AB Editor | 10:33 Tue 12th Nov 2013 | News
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David Dimbleby has had a tattoo of a scorpion on his shoulder.

///The 75-year-old was pictured proudly sporting the small tattoo during filming for a new series he is presenting called Britain and the Sea.

///He was offered a tattoo as he heard how tattoo art was introduced to the UK as a result of Captain Cook's South Seas adventures - he initially declined, saying he was too old. He told the Radio Times:

///"So instead they did something with black pencil that can be washed off. But when I saw it in a preview of the film I thought: ‘That’s a bit feeble.’ I thought it was wimpish having it just drawn on and I needed to man up.”

Did he need to man up?

Is it a bit silly?

Just a hoax?

Do we now call him: David "Stinger" Dimbleby?


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I will now call him David Bumblebee
10:41 Tue 12th Nov 2013
You would have thought that Dimbers would be acting his age, not his collar size !
Good for him.
It hasn't got enough legs, but good on him I say.
He'll die before it gets too blurry (unlike mine) and I like the design.
how does one act one's age exactly Mikey?
Get a harumph face on and moan a lot once you fall over 40?
No doubt paid for by Licence-Payers as is the whole show, which Dimbleby himself admitted, is only a "Jolly" for Him.
No doubt paid for by Licence-Payers

I think tattoos are childish...thats my opinion mojo !
It's his body to do with as he wishes and he's certainly old enough to make his own decisions. Good for him I say.
I agree ratty...he is old enough to make a fool of himself in whatever manner he likes.
Paxo can be a right wag when he wants to !

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I Bet That Stung - David Dimbleby Gets A Scorpion Tattoo

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